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An ode to Yelp

Little YelperI used to be quite the Yelper.

I was a relatively early adopter, an active member since October 2006. I grew a network of friends of fellow Yelpers. I was Elite for three years (2007, 2008 and 2009). I Yelped back when it was still possible to get Firsts.

Writing Yelp reviews was just about as satisfying as blogging back then. (I was on a blogging hiatus.)

Eventually the site became overwhelmed with members, it became hard to get into Elite parties and the quality of the reviews went down. Yelp was no longer just this fun social community that my friends and I played around in. (And then there were all those questionable business practicies that Yelp was doing with advertisers.)

I kind of lost faith and excitement and stopped using the site.

But since moving earlier this year and being out on my own, I’ve found myself returning to Yelp more frequently. I have to admit it’s kind of nice. Reading old reviews and compliments from friends takes me back to a fun time in life.

So anyway, I’m glad to see Yelp is still doing well. Despite some annoyances, it’s still the best way to narrow down restaurant choices and keep up on new hot spots.

special bonus: here is the last review I wrote. at what must have been an irritable time in life.

Damn sandwich artist