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What’s your Michael Jackson story?

A Facebook/college friend just posted a status update about how everyone has a Michael Jackson story. A few people posted theirs… “roller skating to P.Y.T. at the rink on Friday night,” “swapping ali jean for billie jean on car rides home from MSP,” “singing heal the world everyday for like a year.” At first I thought “oh lord, more Michael Jackson talk” but then I immediately thought of my story.

I don’t know what year it was (I’d look it up but I’d probably be embarassed at how old I was) but it was the year the first Free Willy movie came out. I used to stay up late at night watching the 24/7 music video channel waiting for the Michael Jackson “Will You Be There” video to come on. I don’t know what it was about it (sea mammal theme perhaps, gospel choir maybe) but I was ob. sessed.

Everyone’s doing their own little tribute to Michael Jackson, (which most I think are lame) but here’s mine… watch and enjoy!

LOTW: Links of the week #10

It’s been forever since I did a LOTW post. Me so solly. Without further ado:

  • Oh dear. Is this real? A delusional but hard-core wrestling fan.

  • This is old, but if you  haven’t seen it, it’s still funny. Popeye’s in upstate NY ran out of chicken and their patrons when bonkers.

  • Cute, cute, cuteness at Cute Overload. Click-thru to see what happens with the puppies next.

  • More cuteness. Nothing to click-thru to. Just this one.

  • We never did family photos growing up, but if we did, they most certainly would have ended up on the Awkward Family Photos blog.

  • Ok. Dis be a little bit dorky. I admit it’s not that amazing, but I declare it as 25 seconds of decent entertainment.

  • So you hate the cockatiels? Need something REALLY amazing. Hokay, watch this.

  • Going through American Idol withdrawal? Will a little Katharine McPhee help fill the void? And a homeless woman?

  • And last but not least, a little wildlife/nature amaziness to round it all out. Did you ever see this? I don’t know why or how Raymond remembered this video but he did.

Introducing a new page

As I attempt to expand the content on my blog, I’m planning to introduce a few new “pages” (see tabs on top of the blog). First up is a hiking log. I have set a new goal in life of hiking what would be the equivalency of the circumference of the moon. So this log will keep me on my toes in terms of keeping track (over the next 30 years). And given the fact that it’s going to probably take me 20-30 years to achieve the goal, keeping track for that long will increase the chance that my blog survives more than a few months.

I’ve got another small page planned for later this month – it’s slightly less exciting than the hiking log, so standby in suspense!

29 Days of Giving: Day 4 – 10 Jack Pine Trees

I just planted 10 Jack Pine trees. Ok, I didn’t literally plant them but I made a donation to  the Arbor Day Foundation and they will plant the 10 trees on my behalf. I didn’t get to choose where they get planted but turns out they’ll be planted at a national forest in Michigan – yay!

10 Trees