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my Treasure Island Music Festival highlights

beautiful day. sunshine. cool breeze. happy, good looking people. great music.

Behold, a few video teases that showcase my favorite moments from Treasure Island Music Festival this year…

Naked and Famous – Young Blood

awesome percussion group roaming the festival

Cut Copy – Blink and you’ll miss a revolution


I dare you to not love this song

It’s ready! An ode to Mt. Whitney

LOTW: Links of the week #13

Er… links of the month rather. It’s been a while so let’s get to it:

  • Make sure you have your volume turned up and that you expand the video to full screen…  (I can’t embed Vimeo so click the screen grab below to go the video.)

Kuroshio Sea

  • If you know me at all you probably know I love me a good mash-up. Annie Lennox? Yes please.

  • The bestest best friends ever. I’m not sure how this dog managed to befriend an orangutan. I’ve been finding it to be quite challenging.

  • I’ve never watched Sandra Lee on the Food Network but this kind of makes me want to.

  • More cute please. Thank you.

  • I’ve always been fascinated with Greenland. It’s one of those random places I’d like to visit (screw Italy and Thailand… everyone goes there). The Big Picture recently did a series of – you guessed it – big pictures from the Land of Green and I love them.

  • Ugh… this is so wrong and part of me doesn’t want to post this but I bookmarked it a while ago and obviously felt it was LOTW-worthy. Totally reminds me of Fear Factor. Apologizing in advance- 10 foods that will make you sick.  Bon apetit!

  • And on that note, let’s end with something a little more appetizing and light-hearted. How about a cat and a monkey getting frisky? (In an innocent way.) Seriously people, how are these dogs and cats becoming BFF with these monkeys? Jealous.

What’s your Michael Jackson story?

A Facebook/college friend just posted a status update about how everyone has a Michael Jackson story. A few people posted theirs… “roller skating to P.Y.T. at the rink on Friday night,” “swapping ali jean for billie jean on car rides home from MSP,” “singing heal the world everyday for like a year.” At first I thought “oh lord, more Michael Jackson talk” but then I immediately thought of my story.

I don’t know what year it was (I’d look it up but I’d probably be embarassed at how old I was) but it was the year the first Free Willy movie came out. I used to stay up late at night watching the 24/7 music video channel waiting for the Michael Jackson “Will You Be There” video to come on. I don’t know what it was about it (sea mammal theme perhaps, gospel choir maybe) but I was ob. sessed.

Everyone’s doing their own little tribute to Michael Jackson, (which most I think are lame) but here’s mine… watch and enjoy!

LOTW: Links of the week #7

After a down week last week, I have a decent collection of links to share with the world this week. Hope you enjoy.

  • As I write this post it’s friggin gorgeous out. Spring has certainly arrived and Boston.com’s Big Picture has got it covered.

  • I irregularly check out Pundit Kitchen for funny lolcat-style political captions… here’s one I liked this week:

  • Hadn’t heard much about Spike Jonze’s upcoming (kinda) adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are but the trailer was released this week and it’s worth checking out. (Source: Raymond)

  • This just in… Microsoft takes a pretty effective stab at undercutting Apple with its new commercials. Not bad.

  • For any American Idol fans out there I have two worthy  links to share. First, curious about how past winners and past contestants have fared on the charts and how they compare? I have you covered here. Second, curious about how Kelly Clarkson has evolved over the years? I have you covered here.

  • If you love Manatees, then I probably love you. If anyone needs a little cheering up, give the gift of a floppy baby manatee.

  • Our office has a recent obsession with aardvarks and anteaters. Someone else out there apparently has an obsession with getting anteaters wasted.

  • And last but not least… after multiple tries Marcelo finally makes a contribution to LOTW this week. Video from one of the most ridiculous city council meetings ever. Gotta head over to the HuffPo to see for yourself.

Singular: Link of the week

It’s been a pitifully slow week and I only have one link to share. Fortunately it’s mostly amazing. Thanks Marcelo!