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An ode to Yelp

Little YelperI used to be quite the Yelper.

I was a relatively early adopter, an active member since October 2006. I grew a network of friends of fellow Yelpers. I was Elite for three years (2007, 2008 and 2009). I Yelped back when it was still possible to get Firsts.

Writing Yelp reviews was just about as satisfying as blogging back then. (I was on a blogging hiatus.)

Eventually the site became overwhelmed with members, it became hard to get into Elite parties and the quality of the reviews went down. Yelp was no longer just this fun social community that my friends and I played around in. (And then there were all those questionable business practicies that Yelp was doing with advertisers.)

I kind of lost faith and excitement and stopped using the site.

But since moving earlier this year and being out on my own, I’ve found myself returning to Yelp more frequently. I have to admit it’s kind of nice. Reading old reviews and compliments from friends takes me back to a fun time in life.

So anyway, I’m glad to see Yelp is still doing well. Despite some annoyances, it’s still the best way to narrow down restaurant choices and keep up on new hot spots.

special bonus: here is the last review I wrote. at what must have been an irritable time in life.

Damn sandwich artist


Funny funny, ha ha, Facebook.

Facebook, you think you’re so smart recommending things that I might like based on current things I like. Well, I’m going to warn you right now that it’s dangerous to make assumptions about people, especially as it pertains to genres of music and sporting events, particularly those popular in rural U.S.A.

You got me this time, Facebook, but next time you might not be so lucky!

More fun with Twitter

Over Christmas break I played matchmaker with Jon Swartz (@jswartz652) of USA Today and DeAnna Pappas (@DeAnnaPappas), former participant on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I haven’t seen a story yet from Swartz so I’m not 100% sure he connected with her for an interview.

Merry early Christmas to Booger

Today on this lovely Christmas Eve, Booger has been honored with Dog of the Day from Dogster (the once cool social networking site for dogs that made the audacious decision to reject me from consideration for a job that I would have been perfect for, especially as an early adopter of their product.) Congratulations Booger! You have officially arrived.

Fun with Twitter

As my time winds down at my current job I’ve had some time to look around and observe what I’ll miss about working here. Today while I was in the kitchen I noticed the never-ending stock pile of SunChips and undoubtedly admitted to myself that that is on the top of the list. I decided to share my observation with the world via Twitter and got a chuckle out of the interaction that followed.




Gotta love Suze Orman

Picture 5

Picture 6