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Remember something important you’ve lost

Today’s Daily Post idea is to remember something important you’ve lost that you want to remember and think about. And write about it.

In the last year, I’ve blogged on two occasions about material things I’ve lost. The first being a stickered water bottle that recognized all the places I went on a great cross country road trip with Meagan. The second being my collection of race medals. It isn’t important to remember how these things got lost, it’s better to just move on.

There are no material things you can’t live without. They’re just things.

Off the grid

Aside from a few work trips that don’t really count, I’ve never traveled and explored alone. I don’t think I’ve even gone on a hike by myself.

I decided today that that’s what I’m going to do this weekend.

So in the event I don’t come back to work  on Monday, send the search parties to look for me in a ditch, on a trail in the Eastern Sierra or passed out in a rural dive bar somewhere between here and Bodie, California.


Road trip: Tillamook Cheese Factory

I love cheese. Basic, simple cheese, like cheddar, swiss and jack. So visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory has been at the top of the to do list for our road trip since we decided we were going to do it.

Tillamook doesn’t make fancy cheeses and I’m not sure they distribute widely beyond the west coast, but I’m
certainly a big fan after visiting the factory, learning more about how they make cheese and how they’ve been part of the local community for 100 years. (PETA friends: please feel free to tell me how awful they are to cows and I’ll reconsider.)

I expected the factory, with it’s self-guided tour, to be similar to the Jelly Belly Factory and tour in Fairfield, CA, which I’ve been to too many times. For the most part I was right. They had the raised walkway through the factory, they had the samples and they had the oversized cafe/restaurant/snack bar/gift shop. And for the most part, I enjoyed it. It’s not for cheese snobs and is probably a nightmare in the busy summer months, but I certainly would recommend a visit to most people.

Oh! and I found my first cache in the Cheese Factory parking lot! A 35mm film canister covered in camouflage tape hanging from some bushy branches from what I think was a poplar. No special goodies inside but I signed the log book!

We are becoming slightly obsessed.

Road trip: Capitals

At one time in my youth I remember knowing all the state capitals. And I vividly remember my 4th grade trip to Michigan’s state capital in Lansing. We saw the two different chambers and got to stand under the rotunda.

When traveling I always like to peek at state capitals when given a chance. Some, like the Oregon capital in Salem we found out, are atypical or small. And many are in little towns that you wouldn’t normally stop in. We also stopped by the Washington state capital in Olympia. Check two off the list. How many state capitals have you visited?

Me: Lansing, MI; Sacramento, CA; Austin, TX; Olympia, WA: Salem, OR; Santa Fe, NM; Boise, ID; Boston, MA; Carson City, NV; and Atlanta, GA.

Road trip: Geocaching

Today, Dave and I declared that the official activity of the day would be geocaching. As it would turn out, it was everyone’s first time. It was cold and raining but we are all true outdoors-people and true nature lovers, so we ventured out anyway.

We looked up coordinates for five different caches around Vashon Island and we stocked up on treasures to swap. We hit the road and used the GPS to get us close and then we used the Geocaching iPhone app to get closer. After that we were on our own to scrounge around. Eventually someone found each cache. Patty found two, Dave found one and Sequoia found one. After we did out treasure swap for each cache we signed our names in the log. Overall it was a success and a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we are thinking about setting up our own caches for people to find!

Road trip: Christmas burger bar!

I wanted us to do something silly and unique on Christmas Day that the girls would always remember so I convinced Dave and Patty that we should have a deluxe cheeseburger bar for dinner! Who needs ham or turkey or turducken when you can have cheeseburgers with fries, onion rings and all the fixings. We had homemade canned pickles and I made the most perfect bacon. I think it was a big hit. 🙂

After dinner we played Ticket to Ride, one of the two games we got the girls. Patty ended up winning and I finished respectively in second, followed my Sequoia, Dave and River.

By the end of the night we were all exhausted. Especially Booger!

Road trip: Christmas & Eve

The joy of spending Christmas with kids started last night when we started prepping for Santa’s arrival. I forgot about the excitement leading up to Christmas Day, which must rank as the best day of the year for most kids. The girls set out chocolate cake, milk with a bendy straw, a small bowl of popcorn, a butterscotch candy and 7 carrots for Santa’s reindeer. Along with hand written notes from each of them.

Part 2 of this story is what happens after the girls went to sleep. Presents were dug out of hidden locations including under the house and in bedroom closets. And of course, I had to play the part of Santa that involves eating the cake and drinking the milk. Ho ho ho!

This morning we woke up at 7:30 am to the excitement of new Polly Pocket roller coasters, art kits, stuffed animals, chocolate, Disney movies and more. After gifts we binged on homemade apple cinnamon pancakes and sausage. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Bring on the Christmas burger bar!