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MARYwatch Update #5: Holy water and a bath

Today, Marcie and I took the liberty of giving Mary a bath and changing her water. Homegirl clearly needed to freshen up before for her upcoming water birth. Before changing her water however, we nurtured some office plants with her holy water.  Will her growth continue through the New Year? Only time will tell.

MARYwatch Update #4

Boy oh boy Mary. You sure are getting big. You can stand up on your own now without the assistance of me propping you up with a ruler! Your maker says you’ll grow to 600% of your original size. I predict you’re only at 300. Will you outgrow your jar?

P.S. You don’t have much of a baby bump if you still plan on giving birth to Baby J. on Thursday.

MARYwatch Update #3

Mary, you’re getting so big! Can’t wait to see how big you are on Monday when we come in.

MARYwatch Update #2

Mary is growing so fast we had to position her upright so she didn’t get wedged in the bottom of the vase.

An introduction to MARYwatch

Yesterday at our work holiday lunch we did a white elephant gift exchange. My gift, which Lindsey chose and no one stole, was a grow your own Virgin Mary. Once submerged in water she is suppose to grow up to 600%.

Here are the pictures of her yesterday after the initial submersion. Come back daily for updates!

Jesus likes fries too

On a long dong snowy trip back from the ski house in Tahoe this weekend we stopped at Burger King in Loomis, CA for a gourmet dinner. Chicken sandwiches were expected but a lovely (and tiny) nativity scene set up on a small table in the dining room was not. Cue some REO Speedwagon in the background and we felt the holiday spirit all around.

In a display of stunning faith, Dave gave baby Jesus a french fry on our way out.

God bless the BK Lounge!