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More fun with Twitter

Over Christmas break I played matchmaker with Jon Swartz (@jswartz652) of USA Today and DeAnna Pappas (@DeAnnaPappas), former participant on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I haven’t seen a story yet from Swartz so I’m not 100% sure he connected with her for an interview.

And the winner is…

For those participating in my impromptu So You Think You Can Dance prediction contest, I declare this season a:


Given that no one picked Jeanine to be in the top four, let alone win, I think we’re all losers. I could probably come up with a tie-breaker (I think Megan wins given that her other person in the top 4 got 3rd) but it just ain’t worth the effort (even though I clearly just figured it out).

Come back in September and we’ll do it all over again for Season 6.

SYTYCD Predictions: Round 2

After a fun and eventful top 10 prediction hullabaloo, we declared a champion… Jeremy, with 9 correct predictions for the top 10 (based on the initial top 20). Pretty impressive. (I came in second with a respectable 8 out of 10.)

Can Jeremy do it again or will we declare a new prediction champion?

Now that we’ve got a top 10 it’s time for predictions for the top 4 and ultimately, the winner. Predictions are in, so check ’em out and follow along with us each week.

And we’re off!

My official top 10 prediction tracker is ready to go. Check it out. The two people eliminated tonight were not picked by anyone to make the top 10, so it’s all even. Next week, someone will lose a contestant from their predictions however. Stay tuned!