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Booger’s fame knows no bounds

You may know Booger as former Dog of the Day on Dogster or hit star of the insanely popular viral video Booger does the crazies.

For quite sometime he’s been a mainstay on the homepage of his kennel, the Sausalito Pet Hotel. But now he’s taking his fame to a whole new level. He’s a calendar boy! Check out Booger as one of the feature stars (and definitely the best looking) for May in the 2010 Sausalito Pet Hotel calendar:

Happy Birthday Blog!

birthdaypug(2)Today Could I have been… turns one year old. You’d probably expect me to say “boy, time flew by and it seems like it was just yesterday I was blogging again!” but that’s not really how I feel. It’s been a long year (professionally, personally, in the world) and with more than 150 blog posts, it seems like it’s been much longer than a year since kicking this off.

This started as a way to document my road trip across America with Meagan. It’s been fun blogging again and having a place to share things I find, do and experience.

Anyway… not that exciting but a milestone worth recognizing (for my sake).

I thought I had seen it all

I had thought I had seen it all… that was until Booger started receiving his own junk mail.


Chester = Booger

Pitiful pug


For your desktop background pleasure

Booger pug desktop background

Booger does the crazies