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My Racepoint retrospective

I’ve officially been a Dolby employee for 1 year today. Which means it’s been over a year since I left my memorable 3.5 year stint at Racepoint Group. It feels like a great time to reflect back on not only the great experience I gained at Racepoint, but more importantly, the great friendships I made (not to mention all the friendships I made through these friendships). In no particular order…

Raymond and Marcelo

Lucie, Yuli, Marcelo and RPG intern Nene

Yuli and Marcelo

Colleen, Jade, Zrinka


Nicole, Marcelo, Jade, Boomer

Jade, Yuli, Meagan

Boomer and Meagan



Meagan, Marcelo, Kersti

Meagan and Nicole


My new photo blog: Derek and Booger

I’ve been flirting around with the idea of a photo blog for quite some time. I’ve had a tumblr account since the birth of Could I Have Been because I briefly considered using that platform for this blog.

Most recently, I realized I take a lot of photos of my food. So I uploaded all of my food photos from my iPhone and thought maybe it would become a What Derek Eats blog. I was never that excited by the idea but it made sense at the time because I had so many photos already. After I set it all up, a week went by with no more activity and I started to realize this was going to be a flop. Back to the drawing board.

I don’t know what triggered the idea of taking and posting a photo everyday of Booger and me, but I was most likely influenced by a few things I had seen on TV recently including a 20/20 story about the guy Noah, who took a photo of himself everyday for a six years and made a video which went crazy viral.

After a week or so of posting, with confidence that this will survive long-term, I am ready to formally introduce: Derek and Booger. One Photo. Everyday.

Hopefully this new project doesn’t come off too narcissistic. 🙂  (Booger and I admit we are pretty attractive.) It’s more personal than this blog, and I am not planning to enable commenting. I don’t really want feedback because I don’t want to start taking pictures in attempt to get more comments. I think it will be a fun photo diary to have and keep, and will be especially special in 20 years when Booger is prancing through doggy heaven with Lassie and Toto.

Hitting the trail… finally

By this time last year, I had gone on approximately 15 hikes or backpacking trips including Half Dome and Mt. Whitney.

So far this year, I’ve gone on only two. (And they were only day hikes.)

I have some serious making up to do if I’m going to hit 200 miles of hiking this year. (While I haven’t been hiking, I’ve been a running fool… with 387 miles logged in 9 months of 2010 and many more to come with marathon training.)

Well, we are finally packing our bags for the extended Labor Day weekend and are heading up to the Trinity Alps for a three day, two night backpack trip. For some reason I have this nervous anxious feeling. I am excited to go because it’ll be peaceful and relaxing and beautiful (and a mountain range we’ve never been to). But in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “what about my long run this weekend?” I’ve been disciplined and on target for all my training over the last 4 weeks but this is going to throw me off. And it comes a week before I start a week and a half of traveling. So, I’m a little afraid that this might be the beginning of training derailment.

Anyway, I’m taking my camera so even if I do fall off the training wagon I will be getting back on the picture taking wagon. Tit for tat.

2009 in Photos

Snow shoeing in Tahoe with Nicole and Meagan

Hiking in Marin with Booger

Jared and Dave at Maggie's birthday

Giant's game for Lindsey's birthday with Katie

Backpacking Wawona area in Yosemite

Benny Benassi with Lindsey and Katie

Number one dance parter, Katie

Backpacking Smith Peak with Jack and Dave

Atop Smith Peak in Yosemite

Playa del Carmen with Jaime for Stephanie's wedding

Anne's camping birthday

Go karting for Joy's birthday

Another night at Bootie for Joy's birthday

Summer outing in Livermore Valley with Racepoint

Atop Mt. Whitney with friends

Mt. Whitney complete

Meagan and Kersti in town with Marcelo

Being very American with Kersti at a Giants game

Raymond and Marcelo

Atop Half Dome with Dave and my Dad

Pretty Lights with Katie and Lindsey

Wine tasting in the Carneros with Jaime

Katie's Black & Blue birthday with Lindsey

With Meagan ❤ at Katie's birthday

Chicago Marathoners

Dinner with friends in Chicago

Kaskade with Lindsey and Katie

Thanksgiving at Joy's with Dave and Lola

Backpacking in Point Reyes with Dave and Jonas

Point Reyes beach shot over Thanksgiving with Nick

For your desktop background pleasure

Booger pug desktop background

Meagan’s road trip pictures

Meagan got her pictures posted from the road trip. I have to admit they actually show the journey a bit more than all my random shots. White Sands pictures are my favorite – both jumping and the D&M photo shoot extravaganza.

Check em’ out.

Flickr and withdrawl

I uploaded my road trip pictures to Flickr (almost as fast at Katie C). I’m glad to be back home with Dave and Booger but going through a bit of Meagan withdrawl. Spending 240 hours straight (in close quarters) with your BFF can do that to you. I got super sad on the plane last night when it started to set in that she’s not coming back. So sad.
Meagan, I will miss you terribly but excited to come see you in New York.