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5 random photos from my iPhone #3

metal letters of all shapes and sizes

Metal letters in all shapes, sizes, colors and typefaces at the Alameda Point Antique Fair, one of the most fun and unique places to explore (the first Sunday of every month).


I made Katie a special present last year for Christmas. I took the three photos myself, all street signs in San Francisco. Kate St. is in SOMA near REI, Elizabeth St. is in Noe Valley, and Carroll Ave. is in Bayview, not far from Hunters Point. I should probably also include a photo of the flat tire I got in Bayview (known as not exactly the safest neighborhood in San Francisco), while renting a Zipcar (which had three other very dangerously deflated tires).


Where is this bridge on the AIDS Lifecycle bike ride from SF to LA? I can't remember exactly. But I do remember that down the banks of the river is where riders strip down and skinny dip . I didn't participate last year (it wasn't that hot), but maybe this year? I also remember that this was a LONG day and the one where Katie earned the nickname Mary Miss-a-Rest-Stop.


After enjoying tUnE-YarDs perform at a great outdoor venue at the French Legation Museum during South by Southwest in Austin last year, we enjoyed watching these kids go crazy about Angry Birds on the iPad (which hadn't yet celebrate its 1st birthday).


I've been feeling the itch to run another marathon (I entered the lottery for NYC again) and to try to knock some time off my only marathon finish time (4:04). Here I am last year prior to that just-over-4-hour race in Sacramento. I was well trained, looked good (imho) and rocked the race to an extended playlist of favorite electronica tracks of the moment.

5 random treasures from CES 2012


iDevices was showing off three of its latest technologies. iGrill, iShower and iNotebook. iGrill was my favorite...


iGrill is a cooking device, with thermometer prongs that stick into your meat when you're grilling. You set the cooking temperature for each piece of meat and then it will alert you through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Bluetooth when your meat is done cooking. How convenient! Right? Think of all the grilling multi-tasking you'll be able to do.


The Romibo is a build-it-yourself robot for therapy and education, for children with physical and developmental disabilities. It was designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and it can be used to stimulate social engagement, promote emotional response and reinforce positive behavior, especially in children with Autism. I loved how passionate the woman was that we spoke to about these fuzzy still-in-development gadgets. Great to see this kind of technology at CES and I hope they were successful in finding distribution partners!


Amidst a sea of iPhone accessories was this useful-in-theory but hard-to-actually-use laser keyboard.


I've heard a lot about 3D printers in the last few years and this was one of the first times I've actually seen one in action. The Cube 3D printer launched at CES this year and it prints a variety of things of your liking, like chess pieces, bracelets and 5 inch shoes. It retails for $1299. What a bargain!


A gadget on a bigger scale, the 2013 Ford Escape is SUV eye candy, in my opinion. The auto industry has increased its presence at CES over the years especially with all the new technology finding its way inside the car like navigation and GPS, streaming music and in-dash web browsing. Go Ford!

Burning Man [part three]

LOVE = something the playa is filled with. People had all sorts of fun climbing all over these giant letters, including Glen and me. and apparently Jesus too as you can see above.. cross and all.

The Trojan Horse was one of the art projects I followed online from conception to creation and it was one of the first things I saw when we arrived on Monday night. You could wait in line at night to go up inside and the rumor was that there was an absinthe bar in the belly. We watched the Trojan Horse burn in a fiery explosion on Friday night.

Explorer in action.

This sort-of-piece-of-impromptu-art was created as part of the Black Rock City border fence out in the deep playa. We made our way all the way out to the fence on several occasions. One of the times we were out there we watched two volunteers on bad ass dirt bikes go flying by on the other side of the fence doing border control.

Glen with the Temple in the far distance during one of our exploration expeditions.

It took us a few days of searching in the deep playa to finally find this movie house that actually screened old movies at midnight, 2 am and 4 am every night.

More cool art. Umbrellas and chains. What does it mean?

There is nothing more surreal than watching a boat go cruising by you in the middle of the desert. Especially a boat that moonlighting as a dance club.

Creativity at Burning Man is expressed not only in the big art installations but all around including with art cars, shade structures and especially bikes - the primary way people get around. We outfitted our bikes with lots of neon light-up el wire but next time I go I'll definitely jazz my bike up even more.

I'll wrap this post up with another one of my favorite pieces of art. It was called Another Door Project and it was made up of several dozen doors and frames. The structure created different passageways to explore; each time you opened one door, another would close around you.

5 random photos from my iPhone – Inaugural edition


These gold shoes were one of my favorite purchases and pieces of attire for Burning Man this year. I spent my fair share of time at thrift stores in the Haight, preparing for Black Rock City and these shoes got their fair share of use on the playa.


When Katie and I threw a housewarming party back in May, I decided to bake cookies. I found an appealing recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a not-so-secret ingredient: pudding mix. They were a big hit. It's almost time to throw another party, because I think I have almost, singlehandedly, drank the entire wine collection we acquired from our guests.


A few months ago I saw three shows in three consecutive nights. Thursday night started with Two Door Cinema Club with Brian at the Fillmore (above). Subsequent shows included Scissor Sisters at the Warfield with Brian and Cut Copy with Glen at the Regency Ballroom.


Lindsey wanted to borrow the Bag King when she traveled across the pond for a brave solo adventure around the UK. It's hard to describe the size of a piece of luggage without some sort of reference. This photo did the trick.


Speaking of things lost. Over the course of my first five years living in San Francisco I took a lot of public transportation. (I still do.) I planned to make some sort of art piece with all my used MUNI passes, before they discontinued the paper format in favor of re-fillable, re-usable passes. My plan was to cut the passes up into pieces, organize by color and then create some sort of mosiac. I was going to use the silver strip from each pass to make the outline of whatever my design was. But I never got that far in the creation process. The passes didn't survive the move out of North Beach.



a mural near 17th and Irving, Friday midday walk


a very noisy trash can on Irving


Underdog on Irving, Friday lunch


Haight and Cole, Burning Man shopping


not a color scheme I can relate with, 15th and Judah


welcome to the corner of whatheheck avenue and itmakesmyeyeshurt boulevard


the stairs up to Crazyville


flowers on 24th in Noe Valley, strolled with Brian, painted pottery

Instagram Obsesstagram

When I was in New York last week I took a small adventure over to Brooklyn to get cheap Broadway tickets at the TKTS booth which magically never has lines (compared to the Times Square booth where people wait HOURS). Rather than take the dependable, but infamous New York subway back to Manhattan, I decided to do as the tourists do, and as I’ve never done, and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge and the Empire State Building from the Brooklyn Bridge

It took a little creative navigation to get from where I was in downtown Brooklyn to the on-ramp and walking path on the bridge, but when I finally found my way I was rewarded with a bustling and beautiful day on one of America’s most famous and iconic landmarks. It was sunny, 60 and I had no reason to complain.

I was snapping pictures left and right with my iPhone and suddenly got the bright idea to fancy up some of my photos with my newly downloaded photo app Instagram, a fun and free iPhone program for putting effects and filters on your snapshots.

At one point I was taking pictures at certain angles and in certain light just to maximize my Instagram potential. I admit, I started to become obsessed with trying to put together the perfect Brooklyn Bridge photo.

Eventually I made it all the way across the bridge, was back in Manhattan (ready to stalk Joy on Foursquare who was in town from Maine) and had more than enough photos of the Brooklyn Bridge for one lifetime, with at least half of those featuring borderline cheesy 1970s discolored and aged out photo filters.

It was a fun artistic distraction and made my walk across the Brooklyn Bridge even more memorable. Forget the fact that I’m now I’m obsessed with Instagram (as you might have noticed from my Broadway photos on Tuesday).

How to: Share photos online

This isn’t really a how-to because it’s less instructional and more about my own preferences. (If you want to call a spade a spade, this is basically a rant.)

One thing I observed once from my friend Pete Johnson is, that when it comes to photography, sharing photos online and showcasing your memories, less is more.

Instead of doing a mass dump of your photos on to Facebook or Flickr, spend some time choosing your best shots. While you can certainly upload all your photos to  whatever site you use, when you create an album that you want people to browse through, at least go through and pick the best.

People (me) are reluctant to spend time browsing through 200 photos of your cousin’s wedding, especially when you’ve got 10 slightly different versions of the same bridal party shot.

Before anyone goes out and scours my Flickr page to call me out on my own offenses, I will admit that I have not always uploaded with an editing eye. Just for fun, I scoured my own photostream and thought I would share three instances of being guilty-as-charged:

Close up, flash FAIL

Less than impressive dolphin watching

Pointless skydiving