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Derek delcares victory over the swine flu…

and is yet again using the USA Today to spread the word:

Derek strikes again

Adventures in Mexico: Crying at the Discothèque

Adventures in Mexico: Getting there

A letter to the swine flu

Dear Swine Flu,

My sister and I have been planning to visit Mexico and bask in its sunny pleasantry since August 11, 2008. Do you know how long ago that was? Babies being born right now were conceived around that time.

You may be ruthlessly killing dozens of people and making hundreds sick, but you will not, I repeat, not stop us from baking in the crepuscular rays flying high over the Yucatan Peninsula.

Sure you made things difficult for me by taking over the city in which I have a four hour layover, Mexico City. But, I will not be stopped. I will don my mask, I will board the grand plane of Mexicana Air and I will prevail… bronze, full of margaritas and without or with your nasty virus… should my immune system let me down.

If you need further evidence that I am serious about this. Refer to today’s USA Today article, “Swine flu fears may hammer travel industry,” as proof of my conviction. Fifth to last paragraph… or here:

USA Today excerpt
So, to wrap this up… You will not stop me swine flu. Kill and sicken all you want, but I will make it to Playa del Carmen and I will lounge on the beautiful beach and I will eat at the resort buffet for every meal and I will live to see another day.

All the best,