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It’s all in the name

Usually people pick pretty boring and/or systematic names for their wireless networks. For example, ours is simply called dave. Imagine my joy the other day when I found that I was within range of connecting to the following creatively named network:

SF: Somany Flakes

If I say I’m coming to your housewarming party… I come. If I say I’m coming to your bonfire… I come. If I say I’m coming on your camping trip… I come. If I say I’m coming to your birthday dinner… I come. If I say I’m coming dancing with you… I come. If I say I’m going to do something… there is a 95% chance I’m going to do it. On the other hand, if you invite me to do something and I don’t think I’m going to want to come, I just tell you from the beginning… no I don’t think I’m coming.

Not many people in San Francisco seem to have any sense of commitment. I love this town but the one thing that has the potential to drive me away is the excessive flaking that goes on by its residents. I don’t know what it is about this city but it’s full of flakes. They say they’re going to come do something with you and then the bail. They’re tired. They’re sick. There is always an excuse.

I don’t know if I attract flakes as friends, but I’m over it. Some people say they know who their real friends are based on them “being there” during a rough time. I know who my real friends are based on their willingness to keep a commitment.

Adventures in Mexico: Crying at the Discothèque

Flickr and withdrawl

I uploaded my road trip pictures to Flickr (almost as fast at Katie C). I’m glad to be back home with Dave and Booger but going through a bit of Meagan withdrawl. Spending 240 hours straight (in close quarters) with your BFF can do that to you. I got super sad on the plane last night when it started to set in that she’s not coming back. So sad.
Meagan, I will miss you terribly but excited to come see you in New York.