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Holiday chill

One of my favorite memories from Coachella 2013 was closing Saturday night in the Gobi Tent with Berlin house duo, Booka Shade. We danced and grooved as the desert came alive amidst glowing palm trees and neon lights.

Booka Shade at Coachella

Booka Shade at Coachella

Last month, Booka Shade released Eve, a new album named after the Manchester studio where it was conceived and produced. Rolling Stone describes the tracks on Eve as atmospheric, jazzy, imaginatively structured and brilliantly built. I would describe this album as the perfect soundtrack for a chill holiday, full of funky synth goodness.

My favorite tracks are Many Rivers, Love Inc. and Crossing Borders. Check out Eve on Spotify:

Work it out Wednesday > #68

I recently stumbled upon this track on Spotify. I’d never heard of Infadels prior but as it turns out they were an indie electro band from London and this song is from their third album, released earlier this year. Yes, I said they were an indie electro band because they recently announced (on Facebook) they’ve disbanded. Wah – check ’em out anyway…

Infadels – From Out Of The Black Sky

Work it out Wednesday > #66

Dragonette and their lead singer Martina have collaborated with several of my favorite dance artists including Kaskade and Martin Solveig, so they and she have been on my radar for quite some time. Dragonette is a Canadian electropop group that has had a handful of good songs over the years and they just released their new album Bodyparts. It came out yesterday and I’ve had it on repeat. Coincidentally I am going to see them tonight at Mezzanine! Enjoy this insanely addictive track.

Dragonette – My Legs

Work it out Wednesday > #65

I love Spotify and use it regularly during my workday to discover new music. I recently subscribed to a really great playlist created by a random user. The playlist is called Upbeat Indie 2012 volume 3 and it’s an always growing collection of new music discovered by the user (T.J. Yujuico). Here’s a fun and less than year old track from a Swedish electro pop trio I’d never heard of, Niki & The Dove. They’re coming to the Rickshaw Stop in October!

Niki & The Dove – The Drummer

Work it out Wednesday > #64

Back in January I wrote a post highlighting the four albums I listened to during my vacation to Hawai’i. One of the albums included was the most recent release from Florence and the Machine and I featured my favorite track (Spectrum) for your listening pleasure. The song was just released as the bands latest single along with a few remixes, including one by Calvin Harris (EDM is hot ‘n’ mainstream ya’ll) so I thought it was worthy of a hump day celebration. Enjoy!

Florence and the machine – spectrum
(calvin harris remix)

Work it out Wednesday > #63

It’s been far too long since we celebrated a Hump Day together. Here’s a song I recently discovered by St. Lucia, a band from Brooklyn (by way of South Africa). He’s coming to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco next week and I’m hoping to check him out. His entire EP is awesome so indulge if you like the track below.

St. lucia – We got it wrong

My favorite three albums of 2012, so far

Chairlift – Something

Katie Carroll put a great Chairlift song on a holiday mixed cd for me a few years ago. The song was called Bruises and it became one of my favorite tracks on the mix. I was browsing Spotify one day earlier this year and I stumbled upon Chairlift’s latest album called Something. I never listened to any of their other songs besides Bruises but given that I liked it so much, I decided to give the new album a listen. It didn’t take long for me to take a liking to Something and I’ve been listening to it regularly ever since. Most of the music I enjoy tends to feature male singers but Chairlift is an exception, led by the beautiful voice of Caroline Polachek. Like the other two albums featured in this post, Chairlift uses synthesizers but not overwhelmingly. I featured my favorite song from the album (I Belong In Your Armson a recent Hump Day post. Here’s another favorite with a supremely amazing video, Amanaemonesia:

Geographer – Myth

Unlike many of my friends and musical confidants, I never really got into the first album released by San Francisco band Geographer. I saw part of their performance at Treasure Island Music Festival last year but that didn’t really trigger any serious interest either. Regardless, I bookmarked their latest album on Spotify when it came out a few months ago, but it wasn’t until recently I finally decided to give it some airtime. I haven’t stopped listening since. I like that this album has more of a soulful side and the use of electronic elements is more laid back, making it good for driving and chilling out. This isn’t really a dance around your living room album, although my favorite song, Lover’s Game, does make you want to do some head bopping:

Miike Snow – Happy To You

While I didn’t know Geographer’s first album, I definitely was familiar with Miike Snow’s. Their first album was arguably one of my favorites of the last three or four years. I saw them live at The Independent and at the Treasure Island Music Festival two years ago, and I recently enjoyed indulging in the live stream of their performance at Coachella from the comfort of my Chapel Hill hotel room on a business trip. Surprisingly, I didn’t fall in love with Happy To You immediately. It took a dozen or so listens for me to warm up to the new album because it is quite different from their first. You get a sense that they experimented more with their sound on this album and with so many musical acts combining pop with synth, I think Miike Snow does a good job of maintaining a uniqueness. If you asked me who they sound like, I’m not sure I’d have a clear answer. I don’t have a clear favorite song from the album, but The Wave is pretty great, and also has an entertaining video: