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Work it out Wednesday > #36

I posted in March that I was going to once again fire up the blog, but have since failed to do so. I’m still committed to bringing this baby back to life, so what better way to start blogging regularly again (or at least attempt again), than with a much needed song to celebrate hump day?

Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Hello

Back in action… almost

Guess who's back. Back again. If you know me in real life, you know I’ve had a crazy start to 2011. But alas, life is starting to resemble normal again, so I’m happy to report to all five of my loyal readers that I’m ready to return to the world of blogging! I’ve had many post ideas over the last few weeks  but between work travel to Barcelona, Austin and Orlando, and moving and sorting out various aspects of life, I haven’t had the time to execute.

So sit back, relax and stay tuned for the return of Hump Day dance tunes, off the beaten path travel stories, bizarre sightings from MUNI and other miscellaneous silliness.

My new photo blog: Derek and Booger

I’ve been flirting around with the idea of a photo blog for quite some time. I’ve had a tumblr account since the birth of Could I Have Been because I briefly considered using that platform for this blog.

Most recently, I realized I take a lot of photos of my food. So I uploaded all of my food photos from my iPhone and thought maybe it would become a What Derek Eats blog. I was never that excited by the idea but it made sense at the time because I had so many photos already. After I set it all up, a week went by with no more activity and I started to realize this was going to be a flop. Back to the drawing board.

I don’t know what triggered the idea of taking and posting a photo everyday of Booger and me, but I was most likely influenced by a few things I had seen on TV recently including a 20/20 story about the guy Noah, who took a photo of himself everyday for a six years and made a video which went crazy viral.

After a week or so of posting, with confidence that this will survive long-term, I am ready to formally introduce: Derek and Booger. One Photo. Everyday.

Hopefully this new project doesn’t come off too narcissistic. 🙂  (Booger and I admit we are pretty attractive.) It’s more personal than this blog, and I am not planning to enable commenting. I don’t really want feedback because I don’t want to start taking pictures in attempt to get more comments. I think it will be a fun photo diary to have and keep, and will be especially special in 20 years when Booger is prancing through doggy heaven with Lassie and Toto.

Happy Birthday Blog!

birthdaypug(2)Today Could I have been… turns one year old. You’d probably expect me to say “boy, time flew by and it seems like it was just yesterday I was blogging again!” but that’s not really how I feel. It’s been a long year (professionally, personally, in the world) and with more than 150 blog posts, it seems like it’s been much longer than a year since kicking this off.

This started as a way to document my road trip across America with Meagan. It’s been fun blogging again and having a place to share things I find, do and experience.

Anyway… not that exciting but a milestone worth recognizing (for my sake).

Introducing a new page

As I attempt to expand the content on my blog, I’m planning to introduce a few new “pages” (see tabs on top of the blog). First up is a hiking log. I have set a new goal in life of hiking what would be the equivalency of the circumference of the moon. So this log will keep me on my toes in terms of keeping track (over the next 30 years). And given the fact that it’s going to probably take me 20-30 years to achieve the goal, keeping track for that long will increase the chance that my blog survives more than a few months.

I’ve got another small page planned for later this month – it’s slightly less exciting than the hiking log, so standby in suspense!

A blogging rebirth

About ten years ago I entered the world of personal web building with my own Geocities web site (I was in the South Beach neighborhood, for those that remember). Since that time I had myself a blog or two, I taught myself HTML and I toyed around with Dreamweaver, but unfortunately never stuck with it. Over the last several years I have experienced things that made me wish I had a blog so I could “blog about it” – amazing vacations to Australia, Europe and Maui; the raising of a ridiculous one-eyed pug; and an obsession with the outdoors, for example.

Well, as I prepare to embark on my first cross-country road trip, a 3,300 mile, 10-state trek with one of my dearest friends, Meagan, I’ve decided there’s no time better than now to get a blog rolling again. Who knows if I’ll stick with it (the odds are probably against me) but hey, it’s worth a shot.