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LOTW: Links of the week #13

Er… links of the month rather. It’s been a while so let’s get to it:

  • Make sure you have your volume turned up and that you expand the video to full screen…  (I can’t embed Vimeo so click the screen grab below to go the video.)

Kuroshio Sea

  • If you know me at all you probably know I love me a good mash-up. Annie Lennox? Yes please.

  • The bestest best friends ever. I’m not sure how this dog managed to befriend an orangutan. I’ve been finding it to be quite challenging.

  • I’ve never watched Sandra Lee on the Food Network but this kind of makes me want to.

  • More cute please. Thank you.

  • I’ve always been fascinated with Greenland. It’s one of those random places I’d like to visit (screw Italy and Thailand… everyone goes there). The Big Picture recently did a series of – you guessed it – big pictures from the Land of Green and I love them.

  • Ugh… this is so wrong and part of me doesn’t want to post this but I bookmarked it a while ago and obviously felt it was LOTW-worthy. Totally reminds me of Fear Factor. Apologizing in advance- 10 foods that will make you sick.  Bon apetit!

  • And on that note, let’s end with something a little more appetizing and light-hearted. How about a cat and a monkey getting frisky? (In an innocent way.) Seriously people, how are these dogs and cats becoming BFF with these monkeys? Jealous.

LOTW: Links of the week #12

An impromptu Monday make-up edition of LOTW:

  • I don’t know if I’ll ever get a cat, but if I did I would want a serious cat. What is a serious cat you ask? Meet Serious Cat. I love him. He makes me smile and laugh every time I watch him.

  • I continue to find it difficult to find friends that ever had Geocities pages back in the mid-90s when the interwebs was still new and immature. For those that did have one, this website should bring back some memories of what early web design was all about.

  • I try not to ask for more than 30 seconds of your time for YouTube videos, but I am going to have to ask for 3 minutes and 32 seconds in order to thoroughly entertain you with Winston. Like I said, I’m not much of a cat person anymore, but Winston has me tempted.

  • And last but not least… Who couldn’t use a little Anderson Cooper smack down on Sarah Palin? This makes me love Anderson even more than I already did. xoxo Coop.

LOTW: Links of the week #11

Look at me, posting links of the week on Friday! Here you go:

  • Ugh. LOTW FAIL already. I wanted to embed a YouTube video of a song I am currently obsessed with. Bulletproof by La Roux. They disabled embedding for it though so you’ll have to go directly to the YouTube site to watch/listen. I kind of want her hair (in the video, not below).

  • How do you feel about The Onion? Sometimes I think it’s silly. Sometimes I think it’s funny. Here’s an example of when I think it’s pretty funny:

  • Ok, we’ve covered off on funny, what’s next… creepy? I’ve got it covered. Check out these über weird photoshopped pictures of celebrities with their faces on upside down.  (Click through below for more.)

  • Did you love Mrs. Doubtfire? Yes. Did you think Mrs. Doubtfire was a little creepy? Yes. If you watch this video below of the Mrs. Doubtfire movie preview being recut will you think it’s even more creppy? Yes.

  • Ok I covered creepy twice, but whatever. Last but not least this week is ridiculous. Pure ridiculousness. (yeah yeah, I secretly want one.) My favorite line? “It extends your reach a full 18 inches!” Where do you need to reach with that is 18 inches away? There are many other great moments… including the big guy.. and the old lady. ENJOY!

LOTW: Links of the week #10

It’s been forever since I did a LOTW post. Me so solly. Without further ado:

  • Oh dear. Is this real? A delusional but hard-core wrestling fan.

  • This is old, but if you  haven’t seen it, it’s still funny. Popeye’s in upstate NY ran out of chicken and their patrons when bonkers.

  • Cute, cute, cuteness at Cute Overload. Click-thru to see what happens with the puppies next.

  • More cuteness. Nothing to click-thru to. Just this one.

  • We never did family photos growing up, but if we did, they most certainly would have ended up on the Awkward Family Photos blog.

  • Ok. Dis be a little bit dorky. I admit it’s not that amazing, but I declare it as 25 seconds of decent entertainment.

  • So you hate the cockatiels? Need something REALLY amazing. Hokay, watch this.

  • Going through American Idol withdrawal? Will a little Katharine McPhee help fill the void? And a homeless woman?

  • And last but not least, a little wildlife/nature amaziness to round it all out. Did you ever see this? I don’t know why or how Raymond remembered this video but he did.

LOTW: Links of the week #9

Aren’t you lucky. Two sets of LOTW in one week. Be grateful or else.

  • The world’s happiest John Mayer fan. Loving life.

  • I don’t know much about slow lorises, but I do know this one is kind of awesome.

  • And last but not least, an oldie but a goodie. Remember when Paula Abdul showed up drunk to that local Seattle TV news interview? Yeah… I can’t help myself.

LOTW: Links of the week #8

Ok I’ve been bad for the last few Fridays. No link love. But have no fear. I have been compiling good links and am ready to share now.

  • Cute kid + dead fish + funny parents + YouTube =

  • Speaking of people that shouldn’t have babies… here’s a site devoted to all the annoying people on Facebook that won’t stop posting about having babies. You know the ones. STFU!

  • Ok enough redneck. Who remembers David after the Dentist? Did you know David has a cousin… Chad? Chad Vader. He went to the dentist too. He’s pretty funny.

  • Do you have a disability that gives you the right to sit in a designated, reserved seat on public transporation? And do you get really annoyed when visibily abled people sit in one of those seats? Oh, you don’t have a disability? But you still get annoyed with these people? Me too. And so does the person that started this blog. Note: sometimes the captions are funnier than the pictures themselves.

  • The Queen of the Universe Beauty Pageant is the most fabulous thing you’ve probably never heard of. A place where beautiful “women” gather together and compete for the title of true beauty. Or… something like that. Or…. nothing like that. My dream is to go to the 2009 pageant. Hint hint friends… P.S. Raymond, where the f did you find this?

  • And finally. Some really cool pictures from Earth Hour around the world on March 28, 2009 (see it really has been a long time) courtesy of the Big Picture. Note: the photos are shown BEFORE Earth Hour. if you click on the photo, it gives you a view during Earth Hour (it took me a minute to get this.)

LOTW: Links of the week #7

After a down week last week, I have a decent collection of links to share with the world this week. Hope you enjoy.

  • As I write this post it’s friggin gorgeous out. Spring has certainly arrived and Boston.com’s Big Picture has got it covered.

  • I irregularly check out Pundit Kitchen for funny lolcat-style political captions… here’s one I liked this week:

  • Hadn’t heard much about Spike Jonze’s upcoming (kinda) adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are but the trailer was released this week and it’s worth checking out. (Source: Raymond)

  • This just in… Microsoft takes a pretty effective stab at undercutting Apple with its new commercials. Not bad.

  • For any American Idol fans out there I have two worthy  links to share. First, curious about how past winners and past contestants have fared on the charts and how they compare? I have you covered here. Second, curious about how Kelly Clarkson has evolved over the years? I have you covered here.

  • If you love Manatees, then I probably love you. If anyone needs a little cheering up, give the gift of a floppy baby manatee.

  • Our office has a recent obsession with aardvarks and anteaters. Someone else out there apparently has an obsession with getting anteaters wasted.

  • And last but not least… after multiple tries Marcelo finally makes a contribution to LOTW this week. Video from one of the most ridiculous city council meetings ever. Gotta head over to the HuffPo to see for yourself.