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Road trip: Christmas & Eve

The joy of spending Christmas with kids started last night when we started prepping for Santa’s arrival. I forgot about the excitement leading up to Christmas Day, which must rank as the best day of the year for most kids. The girls set out chocolate cake, milk with a bendy straw, a small bowl of popcorn, a butterscotch candy and 7 carrots for Santa’s reindeer. Along with hand written notes from each of them.

Part 2 of this story is what happens after the girls went to sleep. Presents were dug out of hidden locations including under the house and in bedroom closets. And of course, I had to play the part of Santa that involves eating the cake and drinking the milk. Ho ho ho!

This morning we woke up at 7:30 am to the excitement of new Polly Pocket roller coasters, art kits, stuffed animals, chocolate, Disney movies and more. After gifts we binged on homemade apple cinnamon pancakes and sausage. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Bring on the Christmas burger bar!

Should I be embarassed?

Ever wonder what it looks like to see a 26 year old get passed by what would appear to be a 7 year old during a 5k? Well wonder no more:

No shame

Do you know these parents?

If so, please turn them into CPS. I just watched the Dad kick the son in the stomach while Mom stood there and watched.

LOTW: Links of the Week #2

While I did have an extremely productive week , I also found time to enjoy some great interwebz content.

  • As you may remember in last week’s LOTW, I included a link to the Huffington Post poll for “Hottest Congressional Freshman.” I’m happy to report that hottie Aaron Schock from Illinois was crowned the winner! In an ironic turn of events, today I was contacted by Rep. Schock’s director of communications who inquired about participating in Digg Dialogg. (I secured and organized Leader John Boehner for the most recent Digg Dialogg.)

  • Hellz yeah Ashley Judd, you go on ripping Sarah Palin a new one. Check out her great PSA for the wolves and the bears of Alaska (you gotta say it like Palin). But whatever you do, don’t watch Elisabeth Hasslbeck’s reaction.

  • A blog I check out regularly is that of a pug owner in Florida. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, just a daily chronicle of life with four pugs. It’s usually good for some cute pictures. The most recent post, however, took things to a new level. Apparently the owner prepares a special diet for their pugs and actually prepares all their meals a month at a time. Check it out here.
  • Want random YouTube? Here you go. I heart Jerry and his ability to occupy himself for hours on end. (Source: Dave)

  • Ok, when I say random YouTube, it’s most likely going to be random cute animal YouTube. Here’s another one that I love. (Source: icanhazcheezburger)

  • Craving some disturbing yet interesting medical news? Or maybe just craving having your kidney removed through your vagina? No, I’m not kidding. Favorite excerpt from the story: “A kidney weighs approximately one pound and is roughly the size of a clenched hand.” A clenched hand… did you really just say clenched hand in this story? (Source: Raymond)
  • And (almost) last but not least, perhaps the most popular link from our office this week… Humorous video of a young boy flyin’ high on somethin’ good from the dentist. (Source: Marcelo)

  • And hell, why not a dance remix version?

29 Days of Giving: Day 10 – Helpin’ kids fly

I am pretty committed to United and its frequent flier program – to the point now that I’ll pay a little extra just to fly with them and earn miles. Northwest is my secondary carrier, mainly because it’s who I usually fly back to Michigan with. All the other carriers however, I don’t really care about and don’t really garner any miles. Every now and then, I’ll fly a random carrier like American or Virgin and accumulate a handful of miles that I know will never amount to anything.

The random 2,365 American Airline miles I had sitting around went to good use tonight, as I donated them to Miles for Kids in Need. The Miles for Kids in Need program provides support for children and their families. Last year, fliers donated more than 30 million of their miles to help provide transportation to more than 500 kids through the program.

Miles for Kids

Best of Profnet: When is it OK to Lie to Your Kids?

This time of year, much of the magic of the holiday season is built upon a little white lie: Santa Claus. As children — and their problems — grow bigger, parents often find their lies do, too: “No, honey, I never smoked pot.” “Of course, I never had sex in high school.” Etc. I’m working on an article about when — or if — it’s OK to lie to your kids. Are there ground rules for fibbing to your kids? If so, what are they? Subjects that are OK to lie about? Or, is just a bad idea? I’m looking for experts — or anyone else with a thought — to weigh in with advice and stories. Contact: John Campanelli, jcampanelli@plaind.com.

Kids + Coke = Really??

I was riding MUNI on the way to brunch today and couldn’t help but notice this family letting their toddler guzzle down some Cherry Coke. Really people?

If you know them please tell them how wrong this is on so many levels for me.