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5 random photos from my iPhone #3

metal letters of all shapes and sizes

Metal letters in all shapes, sizes, colors and typefaces at the Alameda Point Antique Fair, one of the most fun and unique places to explore (the first Sunday of every month).


I made Katie a special present last year for Christmas. I took the three photos myself, all street signs in San Francisco. Kate St. is in SOMA near REI, Elizabeth St. is in Noe Valley, and Carroll Ave. is in Bayview, not far from Hunters Point. I should probably also include a photo of the flat tire I got in Bayview (known as not exactly the safest neighborhood in San Francisco), while renting a Zipcar (which had three other very dangerously deflated tires).


Where is this bridge on the AIDS Lifecycle bike ride from SF to LA? I can't remember exactly. But I do remember that down the banks of the river is where riders strip down and skinny dip . I didn't participate last year (it wasn't that hot), but maybe this year? I also remember that this was a LONG day and the one where Katie earned the nickname Mary Miss-a-Rest-Stop.


After enjoying tUnE-YarDs perform at a great outdoor venue at the French Legation Museum during South by Southwest in Austin last year, we enjoyed watching these kids go crazy about Angry Birds on the iPad (which hadn't yet celebrate its 1st birthday).


I've been feeling the itch to run another marathon (I entered the lottery for NYC again) and to try to knock some time off my only marathon finish time (4:04). Here I am last year prior to that just-over-4-hour race in Sacramento. I was well trained, looked good (imho) and rocked the race to an extended playlist of favorite electronica tracks of the moment.

5 random photos from my iPhone #2


This is the first photo I ever took on my first iPhone... of the cutest dog I've ever known.


This is my desk at Racepoint Group before I left. Mary Murphy, cheeto tree, Idaho potato, my favorite hand painted mug (broken), a coffee mug from the Georgia O'Keefe Art Museum in Santa Fe (also broken), a Jimmy Johnson action figure, a fire warden helmet, and plenty of other crap. I try to keep a much tidier desk now.


I used to be obsessed with the iPhone app Tris. I would play it for hours and hours, especially in car rides up to Tahoe during ski season. I got really good. I went for big points...


I didn't have a ton of time to do a lot of sightseeing when I was in Barcelona earlier this year for work but Kersti, Lindsey, Katie and I made sure to carve out time to visit La Sagrada Família. It was definitely a highlight of the trip and one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.


Katie and I love us some half marathons. Here we are before indulging in brunch after the SF Half Marathon this July.

5 random photos from my iPhone – Inaugural edition


These gold shoes were one of my favorite purchases and pieces of attire for Burning Man this year. I spent my fair share of time at thrift stores in the Haight, preparing for Black Rock City and these shoes got their fair share of use on the playa.


When Katie and I threw a housewarming party back in May, I decided to bake cookies. I found an appealing recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a not-so-secret ingredient: pudding mix. They were a big hit. It's almost time to throw another party, because I think I have almost, singlehandedly, drank the entire wine collection we acquired from our guests.


A few months ago I saw three shows in three consecutive nights. Thursday night started with Two Door Cinema Club with Brian at the Fillmore (above). Subsequent shows included Scissor Sisters at the Warfield with Brian and Cut Copy with Glen at the Regency Ballroom.


Lindsey wanted to borrow the Bag King when she traveled across the pond for a brave solo adventure around the UK. It's hard to describe the size of a piece of luggage without some sort of reference. This photo did the trick.


Speaking of things lost. Over the course of my first five years living in San Francisco I took a lot of public transportation. (I still do.) I planned to make some sort of art piece with all my used MUNI passes, before they discontinued the paper format in favor of re-fillable, re-usable passes. My plan was to cut the passes up into pieces, organize by color and then create some sort of mosiac. I was going to use the silver strip from each pass to make the outline of whatever my design was. But I never got that far in the creation process. The passes didn't survive the move out of North Beach.

Trouble at the Correctional Facility

I’m sad to share news that after having a little too much fun in Boise, Idaho this weekend for Michelle’s bachelorette party weekend, Correctional Facility (my iPhone), had a serious and ugly accident. I (of course) don’t remember how exactly it happened but I’m pretty sure it involved the hard, concrete ground late in the night. Fortunately it still works, it’s just a little embarrassing to look at. Prior to this incident, I was tossing around the idea of switching to a different phone, perhaps something Android-based (since my contract is just about over with AT&T). But now I don’t really know what to do. I’m going to have to expedite my decision.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering why I’m referring to my iPhone as Correctional Facility… I’ve given all of my Apple devices jail-synonym names. My iPods are named the Asylum, the Slammer and Jail, and my MacBook is named Penitentiary.

Dear iPhone

Dear iPhone,

You are starting to drive me nuts. You are slower than ever, freeze up constantly and give me error messages like it’s your job. You give me so many error messages I decided to see how many you’d throw in my face over the course of a week… at least 20-25 related to Internet browsing.

I don’t know what to do with you.


Thanks a million

I would just like to thank all three of my devoted followers for making the premiere Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day a smashing success. Jaime, Emily and Lindsey, I am forever in your debt. If it weren’t for your support, PYELoSaDFFMD would have never gained such monumental traction in the blogosphere and would not have achieved the extraordinary success that it did. I’m expecting calls from The New York Times, CNN and 60 minutes any minute now so they can profile me and my blog as the next huge thing on the internets.

See you November 24, 2009 shufflers……. all three of you.

Shuffle Fun 2009

It’s here! Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day

Yes, it’s here! The day we’ve all been waiting for (or at least since Friday when I invented it). Today is Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day!

Shuffle Fun Monday 2008

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to put your iPod, iPhone, iWhateverMusicPlayer on shuffle today (no, not just your favorite playlist, but you’re entire library). When you hear a ridiculous, memorable, forgotten, embarrassing and/or silly song, come post it here in the comments section.

Happy shuffling.