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Work it out Wednesday > #1

Introducing a new weekly blog post. Pretty simple… the gift of song from me to you to celebrate hump day. I can’t promise I’ll always post the real video, sometimes they’re not available and sometimes I might just find something better.

Calvin Harris – Flashback (Eric Prydz Remix)

National Delete Your MySpace Profile Day is here!

Delete it. Delete it. No one wants to be defeated.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s become quite clear that MySpace has lost nearly all relevance and is quickly going down the tubes. With the announcement of layoffs left and right, round the world, the company is clearly a sinking ship. Whether they can survive as a music platform/destination is still up in the air. One thing is clear to me though – a popular social networking site, they are no longer.

I was reluctant to ever even sign up for MySpace. I thought it was clunky, ugly and annoying. I was an early adopter to Facebook and have always been a fan. Needless to say I eventually signed up for an account and developed a profile but I never really embraced it.

To that end, I’m planning to delete my profile…. and I’d like you to join me. You know it sucks. You know it’s lame. You know you haven’t logged in in weeks and the last time you did it was only to stalk someone and/or view someone’s pictures. You know Facebook is superior. So just do it… delete your profile with me!

I hereby declare Wednesday, July 1, National Delete Your MySpace Profile Day.

Pledge your deletion in the comments section of this post, read the instructions below on how to delete your profile and spread the word!

How do you delete your profile on July 1…

  1. Log into MySpace.com.
  2. Click on My Account near the upper right corner.
  3. Click on Account among a horizontal list of options near the middle of the page.
  4. Scroll down to Account Cancellation. Click Cancel Account.
  5. Choose I’m bored with MySpace. Let’s face it. We are. Click No Thanks. Don’t like you MySpace!
  6. Continue clicking yes in what will probably be a series of are you sure’s? (I don’t know for a fact. I haven’t gone through the entire deletion process yet. Saving that for July 1!)

Polls are closed. The results are in.

After a last minute surge on both sides of Prop F, the polls have closed, the election commission has certified the results and the people have spoken.

Lindsey… make your final decision wisely.

Prop F results

Decision 2009: The polls are open

Proposition Freestar

There is a new development in the case for Proposition Freestar. (Familiarize yourself with Prop F.)

Just hours before polls were set to open last night, the election commission (me) learned from an unreliable source (Lindsey) that the Ford Explorer was sold on Saturday (to a cop, no less).

The good news is that Lindsey hasn’t handed the title over. Meaning, if enough votes are cast there may still be time to convince Lindsey to bail on the cop (bad karma I know, but this is important), grovel at the feet of the Freestar owner (for being so foolish and turning down the offer) and make the trade happen after all.

The polls are poll is open until 5 PM PT | 8 PM ET. Vote early and vote often. (yes, often… I never said this was a democracy.)

Proposition F.

My coworker Lindsey is selling her 2003 Ford Explorer because she doesn’t need/want a car in the city anymore. Late last week, she received a Craigslist reply to her for ad inquiring whether or not she’d consider trading her Explorer for a Ford Freestar minivan (sweet!). Lindsey, acting without thinking the proposition through, declined the trade.

Imagine my surprise when I found all of this out. A Ford Freestar minivan!? What spells fun more than a minivan?

Today, I am formally launching a campaign to get Lindsey to reconsider the offer. On Tuesday, February 17, 2009, I will be holding a special election (at no cost to the people of the state of California) on this blog. Come by on Tuesday to show your support for Proposition Freestar (otherwise known as Prop. F).

Proposition F

Thanks a million

I would just like to thank all three of my devoted followers for making the premiere Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day a smashing success. Jaime, Emily and Lindsey, I am forever in your debt. If it weren’t for your support, PYELoSaDFFMD would have never gained such monumental traction in the blogosphere and would not have achieved the extraordinary success that it did. I’m expecting calls from The New York Times, CNN and 60 minutes any minute now so they can profile me and my blog as the next huge thing on the internets.

See you November 24, 2009 shufflers……. all three of you.

Shuffle Fun 2009

It’s here! Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day

Yes, it’s here! The day we’ve all been waiting for (or at least since Friday when I invented it). Today is Put Your Entire Library on Shuffle and Discover Fun, Forgotten Music Day!

Shuffle Fun Monday 2008

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to put your iPod, iPhone, iWhateverMusicPlayer on shuffle today (no, not just your favorite playlist, but you’re entire library). When you hear a ridiculous, memorable, forgotten, embarrassing and/or silly song, come post it here in the comments section.

Happy shuffling.