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Do not interrupt the sandwich artist

Overheard at Subway in Davis, California tonight…

Most annoying woman ever: “Do you have custom sandwiches still? Where are they on the menu? You used to have custom sandwiches on the menu.”

Second most annoying woman ever: “I want a fresh sandwich please… toasted.”

Most annoying woman ever being even more annoying: “Can I get everything on it?… Wait… except pickles….. and peppers….. and onions.”

LOTW: Links of the Week #3

It’s that time of the week again. Here goes…

  • How do you feel about waiting at train crossings? Watch this and then tell me how you feel about train crossings. (Source: Emily W.)
  • Snuggie? Not for me.  Slap chop? Already got it.  Tater mitts? I want! (Source: Lindsey S.)

  • And finally, some cat kicks dog ass humor to kick your weekend off.

29 Days of Giving: Day 23 – Bought a do-gooder lunch at Del Taco

Today for my give I took  James Luke David, nonprofit rockstar of Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, out to lunch at Del Taco. I’m so proud of him for supplying his expertise and communications know-how to a good cause. Two Big Fat Tacos were the least I could give him for Christmas. Look out for his regular contributions to Recessionistas, the #1 fashion and style blog on the interweb!

All the best,

Jesus likes fries too

On a long dong snowy trip back from the ski house in Tahoe this weekend we stopped at Burger King in Loomis, CA for a gourmet dinner. Chicken sandwiches were expected but a lovely (and tiny) nativity scene set up on a small table in the dining room was not. Cue some REO Speedwagon in the background and we felt the holiday spirit all around.

In a display of stunning faith, Dave gave baby Jesus a french fry on our way out.

God bless the BK Lounge!

29 Days of Giving: Day 12 – Gave away half my sandwich

I used to always get a 6 inch sandwich and chips at Subway. When they launched $5 foot longs, I started forgoing chips in exchange for the 6 extra inches of sandwich. Today however, I went to Subway with the intention of only getting a 6 inch (no chips even), because I had a big cream cheesy bagel for breakfast, but then realized it’s kind of dumb, given that the foot long is like 40 cents more. I ended up getting the foot long, had it wrapped up separately and then offered my extra half to a homeless woman out front. She didn’t give me attitude when I told her what kind of sandwich it was (like some homeless peeps would), so I happily handed it over to her.

So, next time you go for the $5 foot long, think about whether or not you could sacrifice half for someone in need. And as a Friday bonus, here’s a dance remix of the $5 foot long jingle for everyone!

McDonald’s after 20 miles

Aw jizz. So it’s official. We are on the road, although we only made it like 20 miles before stopping at the golden arches. The good news… it’s Monopoly season!

What we got: North Carolina Avenue, Marvin Gardens, States Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, Pennsylvania Railroad… and best of all… a free breakfast sandwich, meaning we will back! We’ll keep you updated.

On our way to Bakersfield down smelly I-5, so far we’ve gotten a whiff of dirty blueberries.

Fast food tally: 1
Miles gone: 93
Pulled over: 0
Spent on gas: $50
Scary hotel rooms: 0