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Holiday chill

One of my favorite memories from Coachella 2013 was closing Saturday night in the Gobi Tent with Berlin house duo, Booka Shade. We danced and grooved as the desert came alive amidst glowing palm trees and neon lights.

Booka Shade at Coachella

Booka Shade at Coachella

Last month, Booka Shade released Eve, a new album named after the Manchester studio where it was conceived and produced. Rolling Stone describes the tracks on Eve as atmospheric, jazzy, imaginatively structured and brilliantly built. I would describe this album as the perfect soundtrack for a chill holiday, full of funky synth goodness.

My favorite tracks are Many Rivers, Love Inc. and Crossing Borders. Check out Eve on Spotify:


I’ve always had an above average respect and admiration for dance. Dancing is obviously a major part of musical theater, which as most of my friends know is something I adore, and I have always liked the dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance. Hey, I even saw Twyla Tharp speak once when I interned at the Wharton Center for Performing Arts.

With that being said, Pina, a new documentary about German choregrapher Pina Bausch, opened my eyes to a whole new side of dance. The performances in this documentary were beautiful, fascinating, confusing, weird and all together entertaining. The film features stunning performances of some of her most important dance pieces, performed in some of the most stunning settings in the world. (seriously, watch the trailer below.)

Pina Bausch was obviously a talented and creative force. Her choreography pushed the boundaries of what people consider dance and blurred the lines between performance, theater and dance. Bausch’s work showcased the powerful things you can do with the human body.

This movie is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You don’t need to be a self-admitted dance fan to receive my recommendation to see this movie. As long as you have an open mind and can appreciate art in many forms.

Word on the street is that Pina is the front runner for the best documentary feature Academy Award this weekend. I will certainly be cheering it on.

Work it out Wednesday > #51

Later this week I am finally going to see Foster the People. (at The Fillmore!) Let’s celebrate and embrace the anticipation with a fun remix of one of their songs. Happy hump day.

Foster the People – Helena Beat (Kno Agents Remix)


Work it out Wednesday > #50

Ok the audio quality of YouTube videos can be dreadful. Let’s try a new embed option to share this week’s dance tune. A new collaboration between Martin Solveig and Dragonette, always a fun duo…

Martin Solveig with Dragonette – Big in japan

Work it out Wednesday > #49

My guilty pleasure the last two weeks has been the new David Guetta album on Spotify. This is probably my favorite track:

David Guetta & Avicii – SuNSHINE

Work it out Wednesday > #47

A new song by my favorite. An obvious pick for celebrating hump day this week.


Work it out Wednesday > #45

I saw Austra and Cold Cave on Monday at the Great American Music Hall. Austra put on an awesome show, in large part because of the leader singer’s amazing vocals and her jovial sidekick back up singers. Cold Cave was great too, until they went all hard and heavy headbanger on us toward the end of their set. Here are my favorites from each band:

Austra – Lose It

Cold Cave – Confetti