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Accidental art #3

Maybe this isn’t accidental art but it’s unexpected. On my way into work there is a building near Duboce Park under construction. They boarded up the outside of the construction zone and it now hosts a beautiful and very green mural.

Accidental art #2

Usually walking through the streets of SOMA/Potrero Hill near my office is not an exciting experience. But today as I was walking through the neighborhood on the way to my eye exam I stumbled upon an interesting contraption sitting on a corner under a stop sign. I have no idea what it was, if it ever served any sort of purpose or where it came from, but it caught my eye.

Any ideas what it is?

accidental art on the streets of san francisco

sidewalk stencil graffiti

On my way to meet friends for a hike on Sunday, I walked a few blocks through the always colorful Haight neighborhood. Whilst on this several block journey I came across an unusually dense collection of sidewalk graffiti. A part of me thinks these spray painted stencil designs, lasting who knows how long, are kind of annoying. But another part of me sees them as a form of urban art.





I love the stencils that enable multiple colors like the floppy disc. What the heck is up with the one of comedian and actress Kristen Schaal? Crazy super fan? Do people make their own stencils? The last set look kind of homemade.

Maybe I’ll make my own, with my own special message, and I’ll artfully litter the San Francisco sidewalks (with environmentally-friendly, non-permanent paint).

Burning Man [part five]

Saturday night sunset, workers prepping for the big burn.

Volunteer lamplighters ceremoniously illuminated the playa every night.

Moving and grooving, this person (woman?) in a full body disco suit was entertaining passers-by as excitement grew for the weekend's penultimate burn.

Art cars and mutant vehicles invaded the playa and the area around the man, positioning themselves for the burn and the massive party that would undoubtedly ensue.

This had to have been one of the best seats in the house to watch the man burn! #jealous #comfy

Distrikt: hands down one of the best places for day parties and day dancing to amazing music, surrounded by beautiful people from all walks of life.

Art cars at night! Finally some pictures that attempt to show the awesomeness of art cars lit up at night - mobile parties, cruising around the playa. Saturday night they all came out and formed a huge circle around the man, creating a huge party. Each art car was like it's own little club so you could bounce around from car to car, dancing to different music and feeling a different vibe. It was amazing and I still can't stop thinking about how much fun it was.

next and last post = the man burns.

Burning Man [part four]

Our camp including a space man shade structure complete with expert constrictor knots, tied by yours truly; a costume changing tent; rugs, pillows and cushions galore; a complete kitchen; evaporation station; fire pit and more. Not too shabby.

We heard from my friend Nicolas that there were windsurfers out on the playa behind the last row of camps. On Saturday when we were tearing our camp down we took a break and went out and found the wind surfers. It appeared as if one guy brought the equipment and was giving people lessons. Very cool! If there hadn't been so many people I would have taken one for a spin.

I would have loved to drive this mutant vehicle around!

This camp, built out of a big wooden structure, that came as a big blank slate free to be painted by any and all visitors was one of my favorite things at Burning Man. We stopped by on Day 2 or 3 and made our own artistic additions and then visited again at the end of the week to see how it had evolved. There were some pretty amazing paint jobs.

my addition

On Saturday the time had finally come, after days of anticipation, to take our trip to the Temple!

Glen and his mom-made-magical Burning Man cape.

By Saturday the Temple, which burned on Sunday night, was covered in personal messages of all sorts including a lot of messages to loved ones that have departed the world.

Looking out on to the playa toward the man from atop one of the towers in the Temple.

Mantis vs. Scorpion

The final sunset of my Burning Man, hours before the man burned. One more series of photos to come from our final night.

Burning Man [part two]

The Steampunk Octopus was, in my opinion, an iconic image of Burning Man 2011. I saw the Steampunk on many occassions all over Black Rock City. During the day, parked on the side of a street, at night, with fire streaming from its tentacles.

See the Steampunk in action at night:

Me and the Man, what more is there to say? The center of Black Rock City, I visited the Man on many occasions over the course of the week. One of my most cherished memories from the week was late one night, early in the week, with a very special person, talking, pondering and enjoying life, sitting on a bench directly underneath the neon-lit Man.

The Man, the myth, the legend. ❤

Seeing Stephanie was an unexpected surprise. You see, Stephanie was the only person, out of at least a dozen or so people I knew at Burning Man, that I knew from a past life. And when I say past life I mean pre-San Francisco. Stephanie and I went to and worked together at Michigan State. She lives in LA now and while we've stayed in touch over the years, there was something special about seeing someone out there from my Michigan past.

Derek on the playa. With the Temple in the distance, still not ready for my visit. We'll get there eventually, I promise. 🙂

When I say Burning Man is a place full of magic, this is what I'm talking about.... Real life Up.

The art and the structures built as art featured some of the most amazing detail I've ever seen. Take a closer look at this structure (which was accompanied by two others in varying sizes) and take note of the insane craftsmanship.

Subtle, but another one of my favorite pieces of art on the playa.

One of my favorite aspects of Burning Man is the use of color and the contrast with the desert. Vivid colors stood out on the playa and I took full advantage, particularly during the day with as interesting of colors as I could find to wear. No surprise that I was clearly drawn to this piece of art.

Hands down my favorite art installation was the collection of these childhood colored letter building blocks, scattered across a huge area of the playa. The blocks varied in sizes ranging from maybe 12 inch by 12 inch, raised up on polls (as you can see with the Y or yellow E), to 12 foot by 12 foot, squatting out in the middle of the desert (the green E in the picture above was enormous). The blocks were scattered all around, accompanied by 4 single seat chairs, in 4 strategically placed positions. When you sat down in a chair, the different sized blocks (staged at varied locations) would perfectly align to reveal a message...

We are (still) just getting started. Many more stories and photos to come…

Starting over

20110806-093432.jpgLast weekend with the completion of the SF Half Marathon (in personal record time!) and the earning of a finisher medal, I started a new collection of race medallions.

I lost a few things special to me in the move out of North Beach, including my collection of finisher medals. I’ve come to the conclusion I threw them out on accident. Perhaps I put them in a box that was supposed to get moved but instead got taken to Goodwill.

I’m most sad to have lost my 2010 California International Marathon finisher medal, my first (and currently only) race of 26.2 miles. It was a great race and I will always remember it fondly, regardless of no longer having a medal. (I wear my CIM finisher shirt frequently to make up for the loss.)

The other medal I’m sad to have lost is from the 2010 BAA 5K, held the day before the Boston Marathon. That was a fun weekend in Boston and I had a  great race. I surprised myself with a new PR and it was fun to be part of the Boston Marathon atmosphere.

I remind myself that however sentimental an object might be, it’s loss, especially when accidental, is not worth fretting over. The memories live on regardless of having something to hold and touch.

And there is good news! I do still have nearly every race bib from my three year running career. The only one I’m missing is from the 5k that Meagan and I did in New Mexico during our cross country road trip.

I’d like to find something creative to do with them. Katie and I have discussed some sort of wall art in the back office, but we don’t have a genius enough idea  to pull the trigger. And because the collection is still growing, I want to make sure to create something that I can continue to add to.

any ideas for what I can do with them?