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29 Days of Giving: Day 29 – Coming full circle, pug rescue donation

spike_0708For my final day of giving, I decided to revisit my very first give… a donation to the Pug Rescue of Sacramento, my new favorite organization. It’s been a long month and I gave a lot of shiz away… tacos, toys, money, pug smiles, Wii joy, frequent flyer miles. I rescued scarves, I supported lots of animals, I planted trees, I introduced the world to Boogercam. It’s been fun. I encourage everyone to do it sometime… until my next time, I’m looking forward to not having to think so hard about giving for a while. Hopefully this project will make giving a little more innate.

29 Days of Giving: Day 28 – More Wii joy

29 Days of Giving: Day 27 – Spread Wii joy

Ok I’ll admit… Giving from my dad’s house in Hastings without wireless internet access is tough. But I think I can safely say that today my sister, Dave and I shared (and therefore gave) my parents a new joy, that is, the joy of Wii. They seemed to get a kick out of it and it’s pretty fun to watch them learning.

29 Days of Giving: Day 26 – The gift of patience

This might sound ridiculous and Lindsey will most certainly roll her eyes, but yesterday I gave the gift of patience to United Airlines and O’Hare airport. Three cancelled flight and, three standby lists, I kept my cool while taking 13 hours getting from SFO to GRR via ORD, and was thankful and courteous to those I interacted with. I am a realistic person so I can accept flight nightmares. As I saw yesterday, in the hell that was O’Hare, others most certainly can not.

My favorite passenger was one I sat next to while waiting in standby line #2 (for a flight that was eventually cancelled). She was headed to Moline (wherever the f that is) and was justa huffin’ and puffin’ for about 30 minites and how mistreated she was and how she was determined to get her money back, whether she had to take United to court or not.

Just for fun, let’s shame her and post her picture below.

29 Days of Giving: Day 25 – Joined the Humane Society

Today I joined the Humane Society to support the work they do to help animals.

Wonder what the Humane Society actually does? Watch this video to see what they did in 2008. I love them.

29 Days of Giving: Day 24 – Easy donation at Safeway

I walked around with a dollar in my pocket all day – on a mission to give it to someone that really seemed to need it. The day went by and I passed a few homeless peeps but no one was asking or even looking at me. The day died down and as I was wrapping up some errands at Safeway I decided to just slip the dollar into the donation box for the Safeway Foundation at the register. That box is always sitting there and I almost don’t even notice it anymore. Hope it goes to a good cause. Melly Christmas.

29 Days of Giving: Day 23 – Bought a do-gooder lunch at Del Taco

Today for my give I took  James Luke David, nonprofit rockstar of Goodwill Industries of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, out to lunch at Del Taco. I’m so proud of him for supplying his expertise and communications know-how to a good cause. Two Big Fat Tacos were the least I could give him for Christmas. Look out for his regular contributions to Recessionistas, the #1 fashion and style blog on the interweb!

All the best,