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Accidental art #3

Maybe this isn’t accidental art but it’s unexpected. On my way into work there is a building near Duboce Park under construction. They boarded up the outside of the construction zone and it now hosts a beautiful and very green mural.

Project complete

Repot the plants is one of those to-do’s that sits on my list for months. I went down to the suburbs this weekend for a Bevmo, Target and Home Depot run and picked up some new pots and a bag of potting soil (in addition to whiskey, bleach wipes, toilet paper, paper towel and other supplies you get at Target). I didn’t get around to doing the repotting this weekend and it took a few days this week to finally find the time, but I got around to it tonight. It wasn’t the easiest chore but there’s something therapeutic about letting a plant’s roots loose so they can breath again. It was a good feeling giving a plant a new home in an attractive new pot with fresh nutrient-filled soil.









Accidental art #2

Usually walking through the streets of SOMA/Potrero Hill near my office is not an exciting experience. But today as I was walking through the neighborhood on the way to my eye exam I stumbled upon an interesting contraption sitting on a corner under a stop sign. I have no idea what it was, if it ever served any sort of purpose or where it came from, but it caught my eye.

Any ideas what it is?

accidental art on the streets of san francisco

5 random photos from my iPhone #3

metal letters of all shapes and sizes

Metal letters in all shapes, sizes, colors and typefaces at the Alameda Point Antique Fair, one of the most fun and unique places to explore (the first Sunday of every month).


I made Katie a special present last year for Christmas. I took the three photos myself, all street signs in San Francisco. Kate St. is in SOMA near REI, Elizabeth St. is in Noe Valley, and Carroll Ave. is in Bayview, not far from Hunters Point. I should probably also include a photo of the flat tire I got in Bayview (known as not exactly the safest neighborhood in San Francisco), while renting a Zipcar (which had three other very dangerously deflated tires).


Where is this bridge on the AIDS Lifecycle bike ride from SF to LA? I can't remember exactly. But I do remember that down the banks of the river is where riders strip down and skinny dip . I didn't participate last year (it wasn't that hot), but maybe this year? I also remember that this was a LONG day and the one where Katie earned the nickname Mary Miss-a-Rest-Stop.


After enjoying tUnE-YarDs perform at a great outdoor venue at the French Legation Museum during South by Southwest in Austin last year, we enjoyed watching these kids go crazy about Angry Birds on the iPad (which hadn't yet celebrate its 1st birthday).


I've been feeling the itch to run another marathon (I entered the lottery for NYC again) and to try to knock some time off my only marathon finish time (4:04). Here I am last year prior to that just-over-4-hour race in Sacramento. I was well trained, looked good (imho) and rocked the race to an extended playlist of favorite electronica tracks of the moment.

Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about

  1. my breakup
  2. dying friendships
  3. physical insecurities
  4. dating
  5. my experience seeing a therapist
I don’t use the daily blog post ideas from The Daily Post very often, but today I thought it might be a little liberating.  Although, it’s not that I’m afraid to write about these things, because I do write about them privately. I’m more comfortable using my blog as a place to practice writing, rather than as a public journal.

practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact

I recently took the popular (and maybe slightly overdone) Myers Briggs personality test during an all-day learning and development course at work. We examined our personality types, and then did a series of exercises to learn about how personalities can affect and influence the workplace, like how personalty differences affect the way people communicate.

It was an interesting and slightly fluffy day… work of a different kind.. on myself rather than for someone else. It was a much needed break from the desk-meeting-conference-call grind I’d been on. I learned a lot about myself and have spent the last few days reflecting on my personality discoveries.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (BMTI) classified me as an ESTJ, defined by the Keirsey Temperament Sorter as a Supervisor. Supervisors are civic-minded individuals who dedicate themselves to maintaining the institutions behind a smooth-running society.

I’m not going to go into each of my different personality preferences (E, S, T, J) or debate whether I think the Supervisor definition is accurate. But I will share a little about the realization I made while analyzing my results.

Colin Powell, a fellow ESTJer.

As part of our personality test result, we were shown a sliding scale between the pairs of personality preferences. E vs. I, T vs. F, you know? To what degree do you prefer extroversion to introversion or thinking over feeling? slight preference? moderate preference? very clear preference? the course instructor told us that most people have slight to moderate preferences. I looked down at my results and realized that all four of my personality types were very clear preferences. I brought it up to the instructor and she said while it’s not necessarily common to be that extreme in personality preferences, it’s not all together uncommon either. (That kind of makes sense.)

I found this kind of alarming…

…that my personality appeared on paper, as inflexible… to the extreme.

This realization comes appropriately timed, as I’m exploring every bit about me, and as I’m challenging myself to different ways of life, like embracing solitude as opposed to constant companionship. Seeing how far I am from having any sort of introversion preferences reminds me that my desire to be around someone, all the time, is engrained pretty deep somewhere in my psyche. It doesn’t mean I can’t change. It doesn’t necessarily mean I should change either but it encourages me to continue exploring the other ends of the personality spectrums.

This realization also provides great validation that I’m on the right track… and that I should continue exploring. Throw facts out the window once and a while, and go with my gut. Go on a weekend getaway and don’t plan a thing in advance.

Push my own personality buttons a little and figure out who I really am.

An ode to Yelp

Little YelperI used to be quite the Yelper.

I was a relatively early adopter, an active member since October 2006. I grew a network of friends of fellow Yelpers. I was Elite for three years (2007, 2008 and 2009). I Yelped back when it was still possible to get Firsts.

Writing Yelp reviews was just about as satisfying as blogging back then. (I was on a blogging hiatus.)

Eventually the site became overwhelmed with members, it became hard to get into Elite parties and the quality of the reviews went down. Yelp was no longer just this fun social community that my friends and I played around in. (And then there were all those questionable business practicies that Yelp was doing with advertisers.)

I kind of lost faith and excitement and stopped using the site.

But since moving earlier this year and being out on my own, I’ve found myself returning to Yelp more frequently. I have to admit it’s kind of nice. Reading old reviews and compliments from friends takes me back to a fun time in life.

So anyway, I’m glad to see Yelp is still doing well. Despite some annoyances, it’s still the best way to narrow down restaurant choices and keep up on new hot spots.

special bonus: here is the last review I wrote. at what must have been an irritable time in life.

Damn sandwich artist