Quick easy wall art with some personality

I was doing some online holiday shopping last week and while searching on Etsy, a print of a cocktail on a page from an old dictionary, appeared in my results. I didn’t have this sort of item in mind when I initiated the search, and it caught my eye.

It was not for anyone for a holiday gift. My roommate and I have an apartment that blesses us with a lot of wall space. We don’t hang art just for the sake of hanging something. For me, it’s more important to be inspired by what I put up. So the print caught my eye… I like cocktails. My roommate does too. I also like recycled things. And who doesn’t like to support small business? For only $10, why not?

etsy surprise

The print arrived today. I had no intention of doing anything with it immediately. As I unpacked my work bag tonight when I got home, I pulled it out and thought, “hmm… I wonder if I have a frame that would fit?” Sure enough, I went to our back room and found an old frame in need of a makeover.


So I swapped out the old photo and replaced it with the new beverage print. I knew immediately we had an open spot in the entry with a hook all ready to go. I hung it far ahead of my anticipated schedule and it’s a pretty great fit.

the glass isn't dirty, it's the reflection from the other wall...

Check out other prints from the Etsy store I purchased from, Vintage Dictionary Art. Also, I know the creator behind Z & D Designs and he does some fun prints worth checking out like meme cats, Office Space and philosoraptor.

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