Misadventures with Derek

Six words you don’t want to hear five weeks before an international trip:
You need to renew your passport.

This is the sentence I awoke to on Monday morning in an email from my travel agent. A perfect way to kick off the week.

I’ve planned the hell out of this upcoming 15 day trip to Peru and I did confirm two months ago that my passport is in my known possession and does not expire until March 2014.

Little did I know that to travel to many countries, like Peru, you must have six months valid on your passport, as of your planned return day. My trip concludes in early October so basically I will be expired by about six days. In a world where details (sometimes) rule, this is enough to require me to renew and expedite.

It’s always something isn’t it?

Well as I renew my passport I have to send in my current (and first) one and will likely not get it back. So it seemed appropriate to capture my international travels over the last 10 years and do a little reminiscing…

I got my first passport in college in 2004 as I prepared myself for my first international trip, a summer study abroad throughout Asia. .

Pages 8 and 9

My summer in Asia took me in (Tokyo) and out (Osaka) of Japan (with Kyoto in between), before camping out in Hong Kong for two months, with side trips to Macau and Singapore.

Pages 10 and 11

Following my study abroad, I didn’t leave the country again until a trip to Australia in 2006 and then again in 2008 when I participated in a one week exchange program with Racepoint Group to London, with a side trip to Paris (although with no photos or passport stamp from France, I can’t actually prove I ever made it there).

Page 12 and 13

It was around 2009 that the rules for carrying a passport in and out of Mexico changed so I got a few stamps for trips south of the border. Then it was 2011 that I most recently left the country on a trip to Barcelona for work and play, although my immigration checks were in Zurich.

While I’ve only left the country a half dozen times in the last 10 years, I always feel blessed with the opportunities I have to travel. Here’s to filling even more pages in passport #2 (which hopefully will arrive without delay) starting with an adventure to a new continent.

(Shout out to my dear friend, seasoned blogger and world traveler Andi, who I clearly and blatantly used as inspiration for the title of this post. I hope she doesn’t mind. 🙂 Visit her blog, Misadventures with Andi, for travel stories and tips, food porn and other great content that inspires me to blog more.)

2 responses to “Misadventures with Derek

  1. James Oliver

    Always enjoy your posts. Would like to see Chile with you.
    Amuse-toi Derek

  2. James Oliver

    Sorry Peru…or anywhere else 🙂

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