The Sessions, Lincoln


The best movies of the year have started to arrive. From now until mid-February you will be more likely to find me in a movie theater than just about any place other than home or work.

This weekend I couldn’t resist using the cold weather as an excuse to sit inside for 5 hours to enjoy a double header movie day. Katie joined me for The Sessions at the Embarcadero Cinema and then I made my way to the Century San Francisco to indulge in Lincoln, solo.

The Sessions – what I liked most about this movie was that it was for adults. To appreciate this movie and to be moved by it made me feel like more of an adult than I’ve contemplated in recent memory — in the sense that I have matured and I appreciate life everyday. There were great acting performances yes and there could be as many as three acting nominations come award season. What I thought was executed best was the steady balance of emotion and humor. This movie is far from a comedy and it might even make you cry, but it will also make you laugh out loud. And it will stick with you longer after the credits end. A-.

Lincoln – On the opposite end of the cinematic spectrum is Steven Speilberg’s new mega-biopic. Man, this guy is at the top of his movie making game. This film is precisely and beautifully crafted, and features the best of the best in cast, with an Oscar worthy performance from Daniel Day Lewis, no doubt. This movie made me want to go out and buy the best and most interesting books to refresh my mind with American history. It caused me to reflect on the recent election and the journey our country is on, not only short term but dating back to our founding. I love a movie that teaches me and makes me hungry to learn more. B+ because it felt like 3 hours despite being only 2.5.

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