A perfect sunny Sunday in San Francisco…

Destination: the Fillmore district
Requirements: $50 and an awesome friend


Brunch lunch at Woodhouse Fish Company on Fillmore. I recommended oysters and fish and chips, lobster roll or fish tacos. Wash it down with a cold, delicious Scrimshaw.

Head south to 1300 Fillmore for live jazz and bottomless pomosas. Sit at the bar and enjoy gospel brunch.

On your way to Alamo Square park stop by a local convenient store to pick up a snack and libations of your choice. Try Third World Market (Fillmore and Turk).

Finally, kick back in Alamo Square park and enjoy the fresh air. Use your phone as a music player, enjoy some tunes, watch the dogs running around, and people watch. Relax, meditate and appreciate the company of who you’re with.

Optional add on: A movie at the wonderful Kabuki Cinema.

One response to “A perfect sunny Sunday in San Francisco…

  1. Rosa Espinal

    of course,here I go again,only puting my sight on food.But really,SF is made up of 99% delicious,beautiful food and bistros catering to the savvy “in” crowed.You MUST love food,wine and that’s the culture of beautiful SF

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