What does a bachelor eat?

He eats simple homemade meals. He tries to eat lots of protein and vegetables. He eats a lot of bananas, tries to include fiber and tries to always consume something for breakfast. He tries to not order pizza too much and doesn’t know many fancy cooking techniques.


For breakfast this weekend he hard boiled eggs Friday night and got a package of peppered bacon. He slept in both Saturday and Sunday. When he awoke, he prepared his meal with a chopped banana and some apple juice to kick off relaxing days.


For dinner earlier this week he grabbed some fresh green beans from the produce department and joined forces with some delicious jalapeño mango sausages. He chopped both items up and cooked together so they soaked up each others juices. He desired a little starch and made some spinach linguini with his favorite artichoke sauce from Andronico’s.


And tonight he ventured into the world of Brussels sprouts. He baked them after tossing in olive oil, fresh ground salt and pepper, and soy sauce. He combined with diced up chicken breast, sautéed also in soy sauce. Paired with root beer.

In general, he also eats a lot of Raisin Bran.

One response to “What does a bachelor eat?

  1. What a nice post! It’s good to see guys cooking for themselves, trying new things, and working with what is available!

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