Mad love for OBX

Boy, the Outer Banks are not easy to get to. For me to get there required a cross country journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and a return travel day of more than 16 hours, door to door. As tiring as the journey was, I returned invigorated with gratitude for the adventure, and for the week of memories and moments yielded during my week in Duck, North Carolina.

I am grateful for being able to spend a week in a beautiful part of the country I knew nothing about, with a welcoming, colorful and loving family.

I am grateful for being able to spend a day learning about the Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk and the history of aviation.

I am grateful for deliciously cooked meals and special occasion wine, learning to play dominos, stargazing in rocking chairs, and stumbling upon a bench made out of sand on the beach.

I am grateful for being able to spend time with someone special in my life and an amazing new little human who is not only adorable and a complete joy to be around, but also so smart. (I taught her to high five!)

I didn’t know much about the Outer Banks when I booked the trip, but I am happy to have had the opportunity to discover and enjoy a new and beautiful place, without even having to leave the country (which I think is often taken for travel-granted).

I know I certainly would like to go back. There’s still much to see and enjoy. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, wild horses, kite flying on the beach. Maybe not soon, but someday.


Home base for the week was Duck, NC, a cozy little town only officially 10 years old.


We made several trips up and down the beautiful boardwalk along the Currituck Sound.


One of the things I love about the East Coast is the history. I haven’t spent much time soaking it all up but the Wright Brothers Memorial was a special treat for the American history lover in me.


I’ve always loved lighthouses, probably because growing up in Michigan, you get to see so many of them when you travel around the Great Lakes. We tried to see one of the three famous black and white beacons, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, but it was under major renovations! Drats. I still enjoyed standing with its mighty presence and peeking through the scaffolding to see its stripes.


The star of the vacation, little Amalie, with Uncle Glen. Being cute, always.


It was like a Burning Man moment, strolling down the beach at sunset, looking for a place to sit, and then stumbling upon this handmade sandmade bench. It was the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer in frosty mugs on the beach.


On our final night, we enjoyed a delicious local dinner at the Blue Point, with a stunning sunset.

Some more photos here.

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