[Accidental] Art in the Park

I’ve lived a half block from Golden Gate Park for more than a year but it hasn’t been until the last few months that I feel like I’ve been taking full advantage of the proximity. In addition to having some of the San Francisco’s best casual dining options like Park Chow, Marnee Thai and more recently Paxti’s and Nopalito, living by the park is one of the biggest selling points for living (way out, in many people’s opinion) in the Inner Sunset.

Whether I’m running around Stow Lake, peering over the City above the treetops from the observation tower at the De Young Museum (it’s free!), laying in the baseball fields watching little league teams duke it out, hunting for one of the dozens of hidden geocaches, or leisurely riding my bike exploring, I never manage to get bored in the Park.

Often when I least expect it, I stumble upon a new landmark or in the case of this weekend, a piece of accidental art. Who knows how this chair got here or how long it will stay there but it caught my attention and I couldn’t help but stop and snap a picture.


One response to “[Accidental] Art in the Park

  1. I love this. really well-written post, D.

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