What’s in your earthquake kit?

I’ve lived in San Francisco for almost 7 years and I’ve never had an earthquake kit. After being woken up at 6am last week by one of the biggest earthquakes I’ve ever felt and thinking to myself while it was happening, “oh crap don’t let this be the big one, I don’t have an earthquake kit,” I realized it was finally time to put one together.

So Megan, Katie and I spent Friday night roaming Target like free range chickens, sourcing food with the longest expiration dates, and other various tools and survival paraphernalia. Rather than stock our kit with crappy space food that lasts 10 years, we decided to look for items that would be good for at least one year. And in one year we will have a replacement party and eat all our nearly expired goods.

So what kind of treasures did we find with an expiration date of March 2013 or beyond?

pasta and meat in a can

SpaghettiO's July 2013. Ravioli's January 2014. These are great because they can be eaten hot or room temperature, and the Chef Boyardee cans don't require an opener!


While we might not have bread following the big one, I'll be down to eat the peanut butter right out of the jar. Raspberry preserves July 2013. Peanut butter February 2014.

canned fruit. SO FRESH.

More canned goodness that doesn't require an opener. Pineapple May 2014. Peaches and mixed fruit March 2014.


some protein! Mixed nuts October 2013.

chocolate temptation

Quite possibly the best edible element in the earthquake kit. Snack Pack chocolate pudding July 2013.

party time

There might not be anything to do after the big one other than wait. So we might as well be prepared for a dance party!

One response to “What’s in your earthquake kit?

  1. Best EQ kit EVER.

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