sidewalk stencil graffiti

On my way to meet friends for a hike on Sunday, I walked a few blocks through the always colorful Haight neighborhood. Whilst on this several block journey I came across an unusually dense collection of sidewalk graffiti. A part of me thinks these spray painted stencil designs, lasting who knows how long, are kind of annoying. But another part of me sees them as a form of urban art.





I love the stencils that enable multiple colors like the floppy disc. What the heck is up with the one of comedian and actress Kristen Schaal? Crazy super fan? Do people make their own stencils? The last set look kind of homemade.

Maybe I’ll make my own, with my own special message, and I’ll artfully litter the San Francisco sidewalks (with environmentally-friendly, non-permanent paint).

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