My green card biography

On the first night of my three day weekend in Yosemite last month our group of nine or so dug out the always popular game Apples to Apples. I’ve been playing Apples to Apples for several years, on camping trips, with friends, over the holidays. I’m close to saying I’ve played enough of this game for one lifetime.

But everyone was enthusiastic about playing so I agreed to join in. It was a big group so at first we decided we would play until someone won three green cards. Time passed quickly so we extended the game to eight green cards. The group played at high speed, meaning they’d throw down red cards quickly each round and expected the person calling the green card to pick a winner expediently. This made it a little more exciting.

After a few rounds someone brought up the theory that the green cards you collect through winning rounds represent an accurate description of you. I actually had never heard this theory so I took a look at the two cards I had won so far, entertaining and flamboyant. While I’ve never considered myself particularly flamboyant I recognize the word can be interpreted in different ways, so I don’t think it’s an all together inaccurate way to describe me. I looked around the table and saw people that had collected words like hostile, expensive, unusual, responsible, cuddly and shiny. Some were funny, but most were accurate in one way or another and no one was denying it, even the guy who collected obnoxious, offensive and bogus.

As the game went on, my luck continued and I remained competitive, collecting a handful of wins. As the rounds progressed, my collection of cards delivered words and phrases that the group all agreed represented me well, although they also joked my cards were almost unfairly positive.

In the end, I won the game with the brains & brawn card.

derek described by his seven winning green cards

One response to “My green card biography

  1. I have never ever played this game! As I don’t camp or hike I must have missed out, you’ll have to tell me more about it!

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