RIP Abbey

Abbey, December 2011

This weekend my family lost its fifth member for the last thirteen and a half years, Abbey.

We got Abbey when she was just a puppy. (After a several month long we-need-a-dog campaign led by yours truly, at the age of 15.) She came into our lives at a time when change was all around us. We had recently moved out of the house I grew up in, my sister was navigating her way in and out of college, and I was beginning to peer out of the closet. For the following four or so years, Abbey served as the glue that kept our family close and together.

Eventually, I left for college, my sister moved out for good and Mom departed and went her own way, leaving Abbey and Dad to share that big house together.

For the last eight years, Abbey stood by Dad’s side through rain, sleet and snow. The two became inseparable pals and they developed a friendship like only dog and man find together. Mom and Jaime got to see Abbey a lot more than I did over the last six and a half years, but every time I made it home for a visit, including my trip just two months ago, my heart always melted at the attention Abbey still gave me. Seeing her little tail nub wiggling with joy, reaffirming that even after a year without seeing me, that she still remembered her big brother.

Abbey was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and I will never forget the love she shared with my family for almost fourteen years.

Rest in peace Abbey. xoxo.

7 responses to “RIP Abbey

  1. A beautiful tribute to Abbey, Derek

  2. I am very sorry to hear about your loss Derek. I remember meeting Abbey during our visit and remember how special she was to you.

  3. Katie Carroll

    so sweet. I can tell from all the pictures that she was a happy dog, and was clearly loved by your whole family. dogs can be such a gift. having a friendship with a dog is hard to put into words, but when someone has it, it’s something you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. RIP, little one.

  4. Beautiful Derek ❤

  5. That is so sweet Derek…abbey always remembered me also even though she didn’t see me much. I have always loved Rottweilers, they are really special dogs and she was very special to your dad, I agree. His life has surrounded her and hers with his. It is a great loss…she was most definitely more than a dog…..

  6. So sorry, that is a total bummer. I know any day now I am going to hear from my ex-husband about my first dog. It is so hard to lose these little guys, we expect them to be around as long as us human…sucks that they can’t.

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