let’s have a wedding!

Important background information that not everyone reading this may have: my sister, who I love dearly got engaged on January 21.

I got home from seeing Pina tonight and as I was walking in the door I noticed a little padded envelope in the pile of incoming mail. I set the mail aside and came into the apartment quickly before heading back out the door to run to Andronico’s before it closed. After a few minutes, as I stepped out to go to the grocery store I decided to pick up the package and see if it was for me. It was so I decided to pause and open it up. I almost always remember when I’m expecting packages and I rarely send things to my home address. (We all have stuffed delivered to work, right?) I didn’t recognize the return address so this seemed like a surprise. And who doesn’t like surprise packages?

Inside the package I found a little gold bag.


Inside the little gold bag I pulled out a pair of washers on a key ring. There was a message etched on to each washer.

I read one washer and realized it was a familiar saying!


I read the other washer and my face lit up with a huge smile.


Of course when I opened the package it was 9:30 PM on a Thursday night (after midnight in the ET) so my bride-to-be sister is already in bed. I can’t call her and squeal with excitement, glee and love.

I skipped off to the grocery store with the special gift in my hand and thought since I couldn’t call my sister, I’d burn off some joy by chronicling this moment with a blog post. And then I thought, this may be the first of several best man posts leading up to the big day on August 11, 2012!

Jaime, I love you. Do you realize now I am going to insist on throwing you a Napa bachelorette party? 🙂

a photo I hope to be recreating in the very near future!

4 responses to “let’s have a wedding!

  1. Best post ever

  2. Best summer ever.

  3. Precious!!

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