The Artist

The Academy Awards are less than a week away and I still have 4 Best Picture nominees to see. The next 5 days are going to be like cramming for an exam. Tonight, I kicked off my extended movie marathon with The Artist. Was it cute? Yes. Was it unlike any movie I have ever seen? Yes. Do I think this uniqueness will be rewarded with the Best Picture Academy Award? Yes. Was it my favorite film of the year? Not so much.

Sure it put a smile on my face but the story was on the simple and predictable side. Who said silent films need to be uninspired? Just because there are no words doesn’t mean you can’t give us a meatier story. I get the whole paying homage to silent film and the history of cinema but compared to the creativity and thoughtfulness behind Hugo, which paid a similar homage, I thought The Artist was a bit dull.

One response to “The Artist

  1. Agree on you review. It was unique, and not the best picture of 2011.

    I still have 4 to see as well and Hugo is one of them. Right now my favorite film on the best picture list is The Help.

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