Bay Area Bucket List: kayaking

Today I checked an item off my Bay Area Bucket List – kayak in the bay. I had previously been kayaking in lakes, quiet little inlets and even down rivers with a little white water. But never, had I until today, hopped in a wobbly watercraft and paddled around in the intimidating waters of the mighty San Francisco Bay.

on the bay, passing the Ferry building on our way to Aquatic Park

Intimidating? Yes. There is serious traffic out there, ferries, cruise ships, sailboats and massive cargo ships. The tides are significant and the weather can be impossibly windy.   But my 7.5 mile trip from City Kayak (near AT&T Park) to Aquatic Park and back, was fun, breezy, a little wet and rewarding. It was amazing paddling under the suspension spans of the Bay Bridge and alongside sea lions and wet loons.

highlight of the day, going under the Bay Bridge, a unique and humbling perspective

all photos credit to Nicolas Smith!

It was an awesome day, a legit workout and a great way to cap off a great return from CES weekend.

3 responses to “Bay Area Bucket List: kayaking

  1. Ha! I like the one of you safely on land. Who needs water?? That’s my kinda kayaking.

  2. You’re so Brave 🙂

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