5 random treasures from CES 2012


iDevices was showing off three of its latest technologies. iGrill, iShower and iNotebook. iGrill was my favorite...


iGrill is a cooking device, with thermometer prongs that stick into your meat when you're grilling. You set the cooking temperature for each piece of meat and then it will alert you through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Bluetooth when your meat is done cooking. How convenient! Right? Think of all the grilling multi-tasking you'll be able to do.


The Romibo is a build-it-yourself robot for therapy and education, for children with physical and developmental disabilities. It was designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and it can be used to stimulate social engagement, promote emotional response and reinforce positive behavior, especially in children with Autism. I loved how passionate the woman was that we spoke to about these fuzzy still-in-development gadgets. Great to see this kind of technology at CES and I hope they were successful in finding distribution partners!


Amidst a sea of iPhone accessories was this useful-in-theory but hard-to-actually-use laser keyboard.


I've heard a lot about 3D printers in the last few years and this was one of the first times I've actually seen one in action. The Cube 3D printer launched at CES this year and it prints a variety of things of your liking, like chess pieces, bracelets and 5 inch shoes. It retails for $1299. What a bargain!


A gadget on a bigger scale, the 2013 Ford Escape is SUV eye candy, in my opinion. The auto industry has increased its presence at CES over the years especially with all the new technology finding its way inside the car like navigation and GPS, streaming music and in-dash web browsing. Go Ford!

2 responses to “5 random treasures from CES 2012

  1. The grill does look useful actually. What does the iShower do?

    I found the iPhone section overwhelming and full of case makers. Was it any different this year?

    No 3D excite you??

  2. Brian Urmanita

    I’d like to made my own totem so I can ensure I’m in reality and not a dream.

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