Chronicles of a 28 year old gay bachelor


round 1

On Thursday I made myself one of two Zesty Southwestern Style Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Trader Joe’s. I glanced at the directions, 20 minutes at 350 degrees, and threw it in the oven with some squash zucchini. After 20 minutes I removed my meal from the oven, put it on a plate, poured myself a glass of apple juice and plopped in front of the TV to eat my dinner. After eating about a quarter of my chicken breast I started to notice pink meat. It looked a little raw. So I sliced the rest of the breast up and looked around to see if this thing was cooked or not. I ate around what looked raw and finished a little over half of my chicken before thinking this is not good.


round 2 - a success

Tonight I made the other chicken breast from the pack. I took a look at the directions and confirmed that it said, bake for 20 minutes. I took an even closer look and saw that the full directions said, cover in foil, bake for 30-35 minutes. remove foil, bake for 20 minutes.

Oh boy, I ate half of an undercooked-by 30-minutes chicken breast.

Thankfully I am not ill. And thankfully the well-cooked chicken breast was delicious.

2 responses to “Chronicles of a 28 year old gay bachelor

  1. yjwriter

    this was much fun to read.

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