Burning Man [part five]

Saturday night sunset, workers prepping for the big burn.

Volunteer lamplighters ceremoniously illuminated the playa every night.

Moving and grooving, this person (woman?) in a full body disco suit was entertaining passers-by as excitement grew for the weekend's penultimate burn.

Art cars and mutant vehicles invaded the playa and the area around the man, positioning themselves for the burn and the massive party that would undoubtedly ensue.

This had to have been one of the best seats in the house to watch the man burn! #jealous #comfy

Distrikt: hands down one of the best places for day parties and day dancing to amazing music, surrounded by beautiful people from all walks of life.

Art cars at night! Finally some pictures that attempt to show the awesomeness of art cars lit up at night - mobile parties, cruising around the playa. Saturday night they all came out and formed a huge circle around the man, creating a huge party. Each art car was like it's own little club so you could bounce around from car to car, dancing to different music and feeling a different vibe. It was amazing and I still can't stop thinking about how much fun it was.

next and last post = the man burns.

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