Burning Man [part four]

Our camp including a space man shade structure complete with expert constrictor knots, tied by yours truly; a costume changing tent; rugs, pillows and cushions galore; a complete kitchen; evaporation station; fire pit and more. Not too shabby.

We heard from my friend Nicolas that there were windsurfers out on the playa behind the last row of camps. On Saturday when we were tearing our camp down we took a break and went out and found the wind surfers. It appeared as if one guy brought the equipment and was giving people lessons. Very cool! If there hadn't been so many people I would have taken one for a spin.

I would have loved to drive this mutant vehicle around!

This camp, built out of a big wooden structure, that came as a big blank slate free to be painted by any and all visitors was one of my favorite things at Burning Man. We stopped by on Day 2 or 3 and made our own artistic additions and then visited again at the end of the week to see how it had evolved. There were some pretty amazing paint jobs.

my addition

On Saturday the time had finally come, after days of anticipation, to take our trip to the Temple!

Glen and his mom-made-magical Burning Man cape.

By Saturday the Temple, which burned on Sunday night, was covered in personal messages of all sorts including a lot of messages to loved ones that have departed the world.

Looking out on to the playa toward the man from atop one of the towers in the Temple.

Mantis vs. Scorpion

The final sunset of my Burning Man, hours before the man burned. One more series of photos to come from our final night.

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  1. Very nice and intersting indeed.

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