Burning Man [part three]

LOVE = something the playa is filled with. People had all sorts of fun climbing all over these giant letters, including Glen and me. and apparently Jesus too as you can see above.. cross and all.

The Trojan Horse was one of the art projects I followed online from conception to creation and it was one of the first things I saw when we arrived on Monday night. You could wait in line at night to go up inside and the rumor was that there was an absinthe bar in the belly. We watched the Trojan Horse burn in a fiery explosion on Friday night.

Explorer in action.

This sort-of-piece-of-impromptu-art was created as part of the Black Rock City border fence out in the deep playa. We made our way all the way out to the fence on several occasions. One of the times we were out there we watched two volunteers on bad ass dirt bikes go flying by on the other side of the fence doing border control.

Glen with the Temple in the far distance during one of our exploration expeditions.

It took us a few days of searching in the deep playa to finally find this movie house that actually screened old movies at midnight, 2 am and 4 am every night.

More cool art. Umbrellas and chains. What does it mean?

There is nothing more surreal than watching a boat go cruising by you in the middle of the desert. Especially a boat that moonlighting as a dance club.

Creativity at Burning Man is expressed not only in the big art installations but all around including with art cars, shade structures and especially bikes - the primary way people get around. We outfitted our bikes with lots of neon light-up el wire but next time I go I'll definitely jazz my bike up even more.

I'll wrap this post up with another one of my favorite pieces of art. It was called Another Door Project and it was made up of several dozen doors and frames. The structure created different passageways to explore; each time you opened one door, another would close around you.

3 responses to “Burning Man [part three]

  1. This was all quite amazing. Thanks for the post / photos


  2. The umbrellas and chains! Did you see it at night? Sparkling Jellyfish 🙂

  3. oh wow Lala! I didn’t see it at night. I want to find a pic!

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