The real Burning Man post [part one]

It’s taken over a week of being back from Burning Man and lots of racking my brain about how best to blog about my experience, to realize that trying to blog about Burning Man would diminish the experience. This weekend, I wrote a post that started to analyze my time in the desert. I’m not going to delete it, but I’m not going to post it. For me, like many (if not most) others, Burning Man was a personal experience that can’t really be put into words.

I’m just going to continue digesting the experience. And as a consolation, I am going to share some stories via photos. This is part one of a currently unknown numbered series of photo posts from Burning Man.

Ok I promise to not go through every step of the trip but of course I have to start with our RV. Our home away from home for the week. Representing my first time residency in an RV. Honestly we didn't use it that much except for sleeping. No power, generator, water or toilet use. Just home base.

We made it! Well, we made it through the first entrance anyway and in line for the main gate. This picture was taken shortly after we got into the main line to get into the camp area and it was perfectly daylight. By the time we made it in and I partook in my welcome virgin duties, it was dark as a door nail.

The playa is incredibly photogenic and is a fun place to take photos. Even before we made it through the gate I was snapping photos.

Jumping right into exploration on day 2 after camp set up. We found a camp with giant board games. Glen and I engaged in a strategically played round of Connect Four.

One of my first looks out into the art, Man, and Temple-adorned playa. Way in the distance, not yet ready for my visit, is the Temple of Transition.

My first of many, many run-ins with an art car. Art cars became my fascination. You could be sitting at camp or out in the deep playa at 3am taking it all in, and out of nowhere, might come a crazy giant whacky art car, blasting good house music, packed full of good looking fun party goers. I loved the sight every time it happened.

Yes, Black Rock City had its own roller disco. Fully stocked with skates and constantly churning out the best disco dance tunes. To me, the roller disco represented part of the fun, what-will-they-think-of-next aspect of Burning Man.

A small understated art car I later saw cruising one evening fully lit up carrying a posse of happy passengers.

B-ART car? The BRAT was certainly filled to capacity with crazy fun people late into the evening, broadcasting electronic music to all around.

And day 2 concludes with some adventuring out into the playa. As the last photo of this post, I share a preview of many more photos to come... of awesome art pieces scattered across the playa. This billiards set is larger than usual, with bowling balls painted to look like and be used as pool balls.

More to come!

5 responses to “The real Burning Man post [part one]

  1. I just got butterflies in my stomach I can’t wait until next year when I experience it all. So excited to read/view more!

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