5 random photos from my iPhone – Inaugural edition


These gold shoes were one of my favorite purchases and pieces of attire for Burning Man this year. I spent my fair share of time at thrift stores in the Haight, preparing for Black Rock City and these shoes got their fair share of use on the playa.


When Katie and I threw a housewarming party back in May, I decided to bake cookies. I found an appealing recipe for chocolate chip cookies with a not-so-secret ingredient: pudding mix. They were a big hit. It's almost time to throw another party, because I think I have almost, singlehandedly, drank the entire wine collection we acquired from our guests.


A few months ago I saw three shows in three consecutive nights. Thursday night started with Two Door Cinema Club with Brian at the Fillmore (above). Subsequent shows included Scissor Sisters at the Warfield with Brian and Cut Copy with Glen at the Regency Ballroom.


Lindsey wanted to borrow the Bag King when she traveled across the pond for a brave solo adventure around the UK. It's hard to describe the size of a piece of luggage without some sort of reference. This photo did the trick.


Speaking of things lost. Over the course of my first five years living in San Francisco I took a lot of public transportation. (I still do.) I planned to make some sort of art piece with all my used MUNI passes, before they discontinued the paper format in favor of re-fillable, re-usable passes. My plan was to cut the passes up into pieces, organize by color and then create some sort of mosiac. I was going to use the silver strip from each pass to make the outline of whatever my design was. But I never got that far in the creation process. The passes didn't survive the move out of North Beach.

One response to “5 random photos from my iPhone – Inaugural edition

  1. Love the colors of the Muni tickets!

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