Starting over

20110806-093432.jpgLast weekend with the completion of the SF Half Marathon (in personal record time!) and the earning of a finisher medal, I started a new collection of race medallions.

I lost a few things special to me in the move out of North Beach, including my collection of finisher medals. I’ve come to the conclusion I threw them out on accident. Perhaps I put them in a box that was supposed to get moved but instead got taken to Goodwill.

I’m most sad to have lost my 2010 California International Marathon finisher medal, my first (and currently only) race of 26.2 miles. It was a great race and I will always remember it fondly, regardless of no longer having a medal. (I wear my CIM finisher shirt frequently to make up for the loss.)

The other medal I’m sad to have lost is from the 2010 BAA 5K, held the day before the Boston Marathon. That was a fun weekend in Boston and I had a  great race. I surprised myself with a new PR and it was fun to be part of the Boston Marathon atmosphere.

I remind myself that however sentimental an object might be, it’s loss, especially when accidental, is not worth fretting over. The memories live on regardless of having something to hold and touch.

And there is good news! I do still have nearly every race bib from my three year running career. The only one I’m missing is from the 5k that Meagan and I did in New Mexico during our cross country road trip.

I’d like to find something creative to do with them. Katie and I have discussed some sort of wall art in the back office, but we don’t have a genius enough idea  to pull the trigger. And because the collection is still growing, I want to make sure to create something that I can continue to add to.

any ideas for what I can do with them?

2 responses to “Starting over

  1. I’m going to try to find my Bosque Boogie race bib and send it to you!

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