aisle or window

Do you prefer the aisle or window seat when traveling? Why?

on planes like this it doesn't matter

I think my preference has evolved a little over the years. When I first started flying as a young adult I always wanted the window. Didn’t everyone at an early age? The excitement of looking out the window at 32,000 feet. In amazement of where you are, how fast you are going and how fascinating it all is.

But eventually you get tired of crawling over people to go pee.

And if you’re like me you start to develop a preference for the aisle so you can get up and walk around whenever you want without feeling guilty. You know, around age 24, when you start to develop restless leg syndrome?

If we’re throwing another person into the mix however, like a boyfriend, and we’re going on a long flight, I would probably choose the window and the middle for the two of us so we could cozy up together and settle in, without having to worry about someone crawling over us to go pee. I’ve traveled with other companions and we sat in two aisles next to each other. So we could still chat and be comfortable, with either one of us having to sit in a middle seat.

What do you say? aisle or window?

3 responses to “aisle or window

  1. I’ll bite. Normally aisle. Window for overnight flight or while in business/first. If I’m sleeping I want to lean against the wall, and not risk getting run down by a service cart. When travelling as a couple, I book aisle and window in a row with all three seats available, in the hope that the flight won’t be full and the middle seat goes unbooked. If that doesn’t happen, you just offer the middle seat person the aisle or window.

  2. A simple personality test, like when you ask people about super powers; if they would rather be able to fly or be invisible. If you’re pragmatic, you take the aisle, if you’re artistic and whimsical you take the window, if you’re extremely lonely or have never been on a plane before, you elect for the middle.

    I’m paranoid about being boxed in by a fatty because I hydrate like a maniac on flights; so while I long for the window seat’s comfort and view, I always take the aisle. On Virgin Atlantic this conversation has a third option because there is a bar, so eff both aisle and window.

  3. I am a window girl, preferably an A seat as sometimes I get migraines, they are always on my left side and so I have the extra space to rest my head against the airplane wall. However, whenever I am with someone, I always take the middle, as I am small and it is not such a hardship.

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