Tethered to an electrical outlet

Everyone knows how great craigslist is. We’ve all heard a dozen testimonials from our friends, including but not limited to selling and buying furniture, hitching a ride to Tahoe, getting hands on last minute concert tickets, landing a sweet apartment, getting laid or getting an ego boost via a missed connection.

While I’ve experienced many of the above craigslist splendors, I think I had my favorite experience on a sunny but crisp Memorial Day in 2011.

Shortly after moving into my new apartment in March, the battery on my aging MacBook died and the only way I was able to use the MacBook was by having it plugged in via the power cable. At several points over the last two months I’ve gone as far as going on to the Apple website and having the mouse hoovering over the submit to confirm this appointment button. But for some reason I never scheduled an appointment. I spent the last two months of home computing tethered to an electrical outlet. Not that fun but honestly it seriously lowered my time in front of my personal computer and it’s felt pretty nice. There have been some nights where I didn’t even crack it open after work. I spend a lot of hours in front of a PC at work. I have just been too distracted to even care what’s going on online after hours.

So it’s been a few weeks and I finally decided today that it was time to get a new battery and gain freedom to compute wherever I want. I weighed my options. Go to the Apple Store and pay $120. Get on eBay and buy a refurbished battery made in China for $35 + shipping. Check out craigslist and see if I can find a replacement at one of those random strip mall stores or maybe from someone used. As luck would have it, I quickly found an ad for a one year old battery in my neighborhood for only $50. I emailed right away, got a response and arranged a meeting down the street to get, check and purchase the battery.

I am now blogging from you, cord free on the chaise, watching television.

Thanks craigslist. You saved me $80. I got an original, good quality replacement battery. You helped a guy make $50 from something that he was having trouble getting rid of (there was at least one previous post from a few days ago for the same battery). I got to do it all from the convenience of my own great neighborhood.

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