Every few months I make a musical discovery that temporarily takes over my life. Last month while my roommate Katie was off at Coachella, I decided to virtually immerse myself in the event by listening to some of the acts streaming live from YouTube. One of the bands I enjoyed while making dinner one night was Foster the People. I recognized their name from SXSW, but I had never gotten a chance to check them out.

When Katie got back from Coachella we were reviewing some of her favorite performances from the show and she played Pumped Up Kicks, by Foster the People. I quickly recognized it and made a mental note to download the track. Over the next few weeks I started listening to more of their songs on Hype Machine and then when their album came out this week I easily decided to make the purchase. And now for the last five days I have had the album on repeat, falling in love with every song and now plotting a way to see them live at one of their upcoming shows in Sacramento (random) or maybe evenNew York (if I can swing a trip for work). Their presence at Outside Lands in August will likely guarantee my attendance.

If you’ve ever liked any of the music I’ve posted on this blog, I insist you spend the $7.99 and download their album immediately. I guarantee you’ll be dancing and singing your way through the holiday weekend.

Here are a few fun tracks to sample if you really need convincing.

Foster the People – Helena Beat


 Foster the People – Houdini

Foster the People – Warrant (Live)

3 responses to “#obsessed

  1. katiecarroll

    I love finding new musical obsessions and love it even more when I can convince my friends to share in my obsession.

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