What was I thinking?

I’ve always liked to make things. I won lots of art awards in elementary school. I liked to make music in middle and high school (7 years in band). I liked painting pottery all the way through college with my best friends. I’ve made things here and there over the last 5 years (including a brief and borderline embarrassing run-in with scrapbooking). But for the most part it seems like I’ve been free of creation.

I was at Maker Faire this weekend and committed on the way in that I would buy something to create. Last year I bought a few little crafty projects, but they were very easy and required little brain power. This year I wanted something that would actually require patience, concentration and maybe even a little skill.

One thing lead to another and I landed on a metal crab robot….

yeah, I don’t know what the draw was but what can I say, it was an instant connection… While I was initially eager for a big challenge, I now find myself suffering from #wtfsyndrome as I look down at the open box and one million tiny robot parts…

with instructions only in Japanese.

Stay tuned… this is going to be an interesting project!

2 responses to “What was I thinking?

  1. If it was easy, we’d all have fun robots… Good luck!

  2. Yikes – only in Japanese – crazy!

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