Road trip: Truck stops

We are on our way up to Vashon Island to spend Christmas with our friend Patty and her two girls, River and Sequoia. This blog was born out of a road trip so it only makes sense that I chronicle some of Dave, Booger and my adventures this week up through the Pacific Northwest. (Some of you may remember this was supposed to be an Arizona road trip but plans changed, obviously.)

Anyway, one of my guilty pleasures while traveling is dropping in on the massive 24 hour truck stops, randomly located in the middle of nowhere.

We just stumbled upon the Seven Feathers Casino, Hotel, Convention Center and Truck Stop just south of Roseburg, Oregon. It featured all the usual truck stop amenities including a 24 hour restaurant, showers and a fully stocked mini mart. They had a very diverse selection of CB antennas and accessories, and even their own line of Seven Feathers truck stop branded apparel! I was so close to nabbing the 64 oz. mug.

God bless America.

One response to “Road trip: Truck stops

  1. Did you buy anything? 🙂

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